Monday, April 13, 2009

Give -a_way....please come and join the fun!

Good morning all! How was your Easter? I hope it was the best ever!

I am here today to announce a give-a-way that I am having. This is my very first event such as this and am anxious to see how I can do at it. What you will win is a very seasonal Annie flower doll that would be the perfect addition to any home that is working hard to get ready for the "true" spring surroundings..including flowers! If you have more of a brown thumb than a green thumb...such as myself...this is the item for you! An occasional hug will help her feel loved and cared for ...but no water is needed and needing the sun is optional! Meet the cutie that I'm talking about......

....this is Annie the flower doll!

She stands 15" tall from the top of her pink head petals to the bottom of her feet and the best way to bring a little happiness to a small area! She is from a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern and is just too cute!

Now for the details of how to win her! All you have to do is write a comment in this post and include your name and a *email addy where I can reach the winner of this adorable doll. (Feel free to sign my guestbook, become a follower of my blog posts or follow me in twitter while you're here ....but you don't have to!) and I will add this information to the pot of names to be chosen from on May 4th! That's it! Now all you can do is wait!LOL *** This is just in time for Mother's Day...hint..hint!

I thank everyone who has read my blog today and thank the people who have chosen to participate! I sincerely wish all of you the best of luck! I will announce the winner, here on my blog and will send a personal email message to the address you leave me to notify the winner for home address information and to give you the specifics of your winnings being sent! Please help me help you...please remember the return email addy to contact you back...and your name please!

Thank you again for you time this morning and I hope you have a day of smiles and sunshine!

By the way......the contest begins.......N-O-W!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

(This antique card was one of the free items on NorthWindStar's blog...checkout the great cookie on a stick recipe she has listed also! I'm sure you will absolutely enjoy yourself on her GREAT blog! LINK: )

Tomorrow is GOOD FRIDAY and SUNDAY is EASTER. I wish all of you a wonderful,warm and joyous holiday! Enjoy yourselves with family, friends and all the people that mean so much to you during this time!

I admit that I have been in a mental block during this time trying to prepare myself for my son's wedding at the end of June. My heart has not been into creating right at this time but hope the "spark" will come back after the holidays and I will dig my heels into a new creation! So don't give up on me...not much has been happening right now ...but expect that to change in the next week or two!

Remember my 10% off sale will be over with on Easter day so.... go in and check to see what I have to see if something my shop has what you have been looking for. That little special something that could go to the someone special in your life!

I plan to have a give-a-way soon after Easter too so keep watch so that you can be one that has a chance at what I will have to offer some lucky recipient! I will post this at a later date! Have a great day!