Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Good morning all! I just wanted to leave you a quick note! I have just upped my sale or ALL HALLOWEEN ITEMS in my shop from a 15% sale to a 20% sale on All of my Halloween items and 10% on all other items not halloween related. Please come in and check it out! Remember this sale will be in effect until Nov 30th. If you are looking for some GREAT last minute Halloween, or other, items please come in and enjoy the new savings!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New pins have just been posted!

Good morning all! Boy I am here early this morning and wanted to share with you a new item I just listed in my etsy shop. I have just added a pin set of one Raggedy Annie Angel pin and Snowman Angel pin. They are just too cute for words and coming in a set...can be used whenever you are in the mood for something alittle different the next day. Please come into my shop today to check them out!

I am still working on Christmas/ Winter items and will be listing more things soon. I have yet to get into a santa so I'll have to get cracking to get one on very soon! I hope you enjoy what I have just put in my store and hope that it tugs at your heart..because it sure did mine! Enjoy~

ETSY SHOP: Http://

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Sale is now in process!

Latest news is now here! There is a Halloween "THE BOOGIEMAN IS GOING TO GET YOU SALE!" now going on in my shop. ALL Halloween items are 15% reduced from their original prices and all the other items are reduced by 10%! All the math has been done for you and all items are ready to be purchased right now. If you are looking for that last minute halloween item to put the finishing touches on your Halloween decorations....or have had your eye on something that isn't Halloween related but appeals to your taste of home decorations, please browse around and enjoy the savings! Remember All Halloween items have been reduced by 15% and all non Halloween items have been reduced by 10%. ENJOY! Happy Halloween to all that come in to take a peek! (This sale will stay in effect until November 30th!)

Some items that you will find with these savings. Many more items are in my shop!

(International sellers please just convo me for a estimate for prices for your area! Thanks!)

_My ETSY Shop!_

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Item just listed in my Etsy Shop!

Good morning everyone! How was your weekend? I know mine was very busy...but I got alot done. I just finished four Christmas stockings with mice and greenery and put one of them on my door at home! So far I have had alot of comments from neighbors as to where they could get their own and I have been telling them, "Where everything is made with love and is guaranteed handmade....ETSY!" (If primitive handmade creations is what you are looking for....The Old Farmhouse Gathering Team is a GREAT place to start!) I now have put one of the stockings into one of my lists of items for sale and it is up and ready for purchasing and viewing right now! Please come in and take a really says something about Having a very Merry Primitive Christmas! More Chrismas items will be coming soon keep touch with my blog for you will see it here when it happens. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the begining of the cooler weather.


Http:// (Just put OFG TEAM in your search and see all of the wonderful items made by the very talented group of members that specialize in everything from primitive to shabby chic style items!)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Two new items added to my Etsy Shop!

Good afternoon everyone! How is everyone today? I hope you are all doing well and the weather is still warm enough so that you can enjoy your days. All I can say is good thing the snow hasn't started yet ...because I am not ready! Let's hope it holds off awhile longer!

I have added two new items into my Etsy shop just yesterday and wanted to let all of my readers be aware of their arrival. I have moved in a Primitive Raggedy Annie and Andy lamp and a Primitive Mammy and Children's lamp as well. I'm trying my hardest to keep my numbers up in my shop and hope to make it to 40 items in there very soon. It is a wonderful thing when you sell an item , and soo encouraging , but that also means to have backup items to keep the numbers up in your shop and I'm drastically trying to have this 35 items grow. Not that I want the purchasing to stop...I will just work harder to keep cranking out new items to keep my shop stocked and continue its please have patience with me as I am working on this now and new arrivals will be coming soon!

Primitive Raggedy Annie and Andy Lamp

Primitive Mammy and Children Lamp

These can be seen in my Etsy Shop and hope you all enjoy your experience!


I also have other new news. I have left the Olde Primitive Sisters on Ebay group and also the Old Primitive Sisters Marketplace Website. I have found being part of more than one group and selling forum is very exhausting and have not been able to give full attention to both groups. Although, I have gone with Etsy to have a new start I still care of the wonderful people in the OPSG group and wish them all well. I apologize for having to leave but more so for not being able to be the best member I could be to earn the honor of staying as a member and fully doing my part. I will miss everyone there and hope that we can keep in touch! I'm sure I'll run into the members that are now also Etsy members and can get caught up on the latest news with ya! Keep a smile on your faces because you are a highly talented group of ladies and makeup the greatest group on Ebay! I love ya and will miss you all! Many HUGS......

I ask all of my readers to keep The Olde Primitive Sisters Marketplace a place that you explore for their works of art is well worth seeing. The talent of these ladies will amaze you and the creations they have available just has to be explored! Also look up "OPSG" in your search in Ebay and see all of these very talented ladies work of art up for auction! The talent never ends with these very talented artists! Although I'm no long a part of this group I will consider each and every member of OPSG a life long sister and will be here if ever you need me! You can count on me!

Olde Primitive Sister's Marketplace link:

Ebay link:

Thanks for coming today and until the next creation is out and posted.......

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've added another item into my shop on Etsy!

Hello again! I just wanted to inform my readers of one last item I put into my Etsy shop today! I just finished another set of pins ...and this time they are a set of three snowmen! I am selling one at a time but do have three available. One looks very simular to the one that is on sale now and the other has a cinnamon stick sewn to his chest. If you are interested please take a looksie and see what you think. I'll be making more pins as the time goes on so if you don't see something that speaks to you yet...hold may be coming at a different time. If you have something that you would like to see as a pin please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email or convo me in Etsy or send me a message in Ebay! Regardless I'd love to hear from you! Hope this pin brings a smile to your face along with the dog pins and have a great day! Remember they can also be used as bowlfillers and would be an interesting item to put out to get people's reaction! Enjoy your day and stay warm!

I have combined and "Slashed Shipping Sale" as the OFG Holiday Celebration is going on! Come enjoy in the savings!

Hello everyone! I have feverishly been working on starting a new sale since my " Day Late Labor Day Sale and Going Back to Work and School Sale" has reached its end. The September sales are over. I am offering this October a"Slashed Shipping Price Sale" and have $3 taken off the shipping and handling fee. If you buy multible items you can get items at the prices I have listed when selling more that one item to a customer. The savings would even be greater! I already have all the prices adjusted and ready for people to start buying so there is no waiting involved. Just go to my shop and start buying! WOW!

Plus the items for the Holiday Celebration for OFG is now in the process of being posted by their creators! There is just sooo much going on and so much to look at! Please stop by my shop and check it out! Again, write "OFG Holiday Celebration" on
Etsy's main page and you can view everything that this very talented group has to offer. This Celebration has now included Winter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving offerings from its members and is well worth looking at! Stop today and start thinking snow? LOL Well holidays would put you on the right track! ENJOY!