Thursday, December 31, 2009

Come and Celebrate the New Year with Willowtree Treasures!


Travel in style into the New Year by starting off with a roll back in most of my prices! You'll find almost everything in my Etsy shop has had a reduction in price to bring in the New Year and help you celebrate with a bit of a savings. Come in and look around. The prices are already fixed so you can begin buying immediately with the roll back prices. No need to contact me and waste your valuable time! Dig right in and enjoy your New Year in a GRAND fashion! Enjoy! My shop accomodates for multible purchasing to save you $$$$! Enjoy!

Look to your left and you will see the link to take you to my Etsy Shop! There is also a list of other places my items can be found!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I Wish You ALL the Happiest of Holidays and Have a few special Links for You!

Good morning readers! I wanted to take some time and wish you all a very Happy Holidays and hope that each and everyone of you see some of your most heart felt wishes come true! There has been so much giving of special things from one person to another here in the blog world and will be doing a give a way of my own very soon after the holidays have come and gone! There are ALOT of GREAT give a ways going on right now and would like to wait until some of this slows down some before I do one. I do however have some awesome links that I would LOVE to pass onto my loyal readers to help you with your holiday preparedness and one of the links where I would like to pass on to you is:

This site is so magical and has anything and everything you would want to make for a holiday get together. It takes you to an animation of a Baking Village with many shops and in each shop you will find recipes for candies, main meals, cookies, cakes and all the trimmings! Talk about doing it right for the holidays!LOL I sit there much like a young child and listen to the music and watch all the signs of what is in the tastey shops and am so taken with just the look of this site that I advise you ahead of time....go in full because if you aren't you will suddenly will need alot of paper to get all of their wonderful recipes printed off and shared with your loved ones! I know that I have started off with a full stack of paper knowing most of what I'd encounter I'd want to print off and now am running out of ink! Lots of good things are in there! Nestle, Canation and Libbys are just some of brands featured! YUMMMY!

I thank Deb Turner for giving this link to me , and the other members of OFG, and I am now sending this information on to you so that you can enjoy the small town shops of Seasonal Cooking!

Another site I would LOVE to pass on to you is the Taste of Home site! I don't know how many of you get Taste of Home for a regular magazine that you get once a year...I know that I get it...then will stop my magazines from coming after the subscription has ended..I'll start missing it again and then start it all over again! This is one very helpful magazine and I have tried many of their recipes out on my family and is a tried and true publication! My newest one has a link of:

. You can become a member of Taste of Home magazines and pick from a number of newsletters that address from the 12 days of cookies in the Month of December issue to newsletters of main meals based on the month and holiday and ideas. Everything will be sent Free to your Email by just picking one, two ...or like me...All newsletters. You can also join Taste of home and have access to chatrooms, more recipes that can be kept in a recipe file and gain information on other publications that Reiman is coming out with and have the option to get for free and would need to subscribe if you wanted to continue getting a given magazine that they are coming out with at a well reduced price! I was just in there site looking around and marking all the recipes that I will have to save and get a copy of to put it on my list of holiday goodies that I suprise my family with!

If you LOVE recipes and LOVE to cook these two links are for you! Check them out and enjoy how amazing the online foodie sites can make this season for all of its customers! I'm sure there are many more of sites that are making recipes readily available and making their sites sooo enticing for anyone to visit and want to join because that is a very important part of a holiday such as, friends and fresh ideas to make this time a bright and happy one! So spend some time and look for your own sites that could hold the key to your holiday spirit! For now there is what I have provided for you here!

I hope that everyone's holidays answer any special prayers you have, will see some wishes come true and happiness and the true meaning of this special holiday warm your hearts to give something to someone that you don't know, or needs help, or is alone this holiday season! May good health , love and the spirit of giving be in your hearts and only good things come your way during this time! Again, Merry Season to you.... no matter what religion you are! I'll be talking to you again soon!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Brand New Day and a Brand NEW SALE! READ Closely!

Hello readers! It is closer to Christmas and I'm sure there must be one last thing that would just make you so happy to put in your collection to give to that certain special someone for Christmas! I am having one last attempt for a sale and involves the following...please read it carefully!


"LAST CHANCE FOR AN AWESOME SAVINGS!" ( Starts Today AND Ends Monday December 21st)

-Applies to U.S. Sales ONLY!-

ALL SALES are $1 ONLY to send!

Yes that is right! Starting today Thursday December 17th until Monday December 21st it will cost a mere $1 to send your item(s) to you!

Merry Christmas from Willowtree Treasures!

Please contact me BEFORE you make your purchase(s) and I will make the corrections for you right here on my site and then you can go ahead and make your purchases paying only $1 per purchase (No limit on how many items can be bought)!

(If you buy one item...cost to send=$1

If you buy five item's in one purchase ....cost to send =$1

As long as you are buying items all at one time there is no limit...cost to send = $1)

Have a ball!

convo or contact me at pdq [!at]
Thank you! Deb


(Copy and paste this link into your search and Merry Christmas!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Momma B's FrontPorch is having a Wonderful Giveaway!

Hello readers! I just wanted to inform you of a once in a lifetime giveaway that is being put on by Momma B's FrontPorch. It is to give the winner of her giveaway $50 worth of merchandise from her shop. Vickie is well known for her fantastic painting abilities and her , most beautitful welcome signs. I can imagine anything...everything that she will pick for the winner will be the most beautiful works of art! You can read more about this event in her blog and then put your name in to be counted as a participant! I have never seen this as a prize EVER for a giveaway from a blog post and from such a noteworthy artist!

Momma B's Frontporch Link:

Monday, December 7, 2009

I am a Winner of a My Raggedy Dolls Give a Way!

I apologize for taking so long to get this post up and to not show the "cutest doll in the world" that I won during one of Julie G.'s give a ways! You will fall out out of your seat just looking at her this doll is sooo adorable! I'm so much in love with her she is still never farther than 1 foot away from me at all times! Come take a look! This was very much like eating potato couldn't take just one picture! Here she is.....Belindy!

Isn't she just too cute for words? Along with this beatuful gal there was a tag attached that grants me $15 as a discount in her shop! Not that getting this wonderful creation wasn't enough but I can buy anything on her web and get the $15 discount! Julie certainly does things in style! I will forever be grateful to Julie for chosing my name to win my new addition to my home! I will forever admire her and keep a close eye on what you are working on next! Your creativity, skill and professionalism with be admired always and thank you so much for everything! If you would like to see all that Julie G. has to offer visit her shop today! She has completed dolls, wonderful patterns and doll kits that are all very reasonably priced and she is always coming out with something new. I always go browsing to she what new she has come out with and advise all of you to do the same. It is well worth your time!

Julie G' Marocotte ....My Raggedy Dolls Site Links:

Again, thank you Julie. Belindy is my little angel and am showering with lots of love! Take care!

KSGP Is having a Wonderful Giveaway!

Good morning readers. I just wanted to let you know that Kindred Sister's Gathering Post are having another give a way and this time it is to give a way some wonderful soaps from Aunt Reens Soap Closet! Known by many Ebay crafters as Doreen has made soap for a very long time and her soaps are amazing. Doreen in fact is who I first started purchasing handmade soaps from and immediately noticed a difference in my skin due to the wholesome/pure ingredients she uses! Enter into this great give a way today you will thank yourself later!


Friday, December 4, 2009

The Olde Farmhouse Gathering Has Lost A Great Leader and Friend!

Good morning all! I have some shocking news to share with you today! On Thanksgiving we lost one of the sweetest leaders of the OFG Team. Her name is Linda Foster and she touched All of the members lives in one way or other. She passed due to, what is believed to be by a massive heart attack, and left many members in disbelief and an empty feeling that echoed throughout the group of OFG! Many members have already published in their posts and left their messages "saying goodbye" to this wonderful lady and sending their sympathies to her family. I ,as usual, am lagging behind the rest! I just went into Deb T's. blog today,, and she has the sweetest way of dealing with her grief by leaving YouTube videos that are in her honor. When you are at a loss of words ...I felt this was the perfect way to leave a strong message of what Linda meant to as all without getting wordy so that inspired me to do the same. I found this video and knew this was the right way for me to say goodbye! I hadn't heard it in years...but just playing it touched my heart in a way that it said to me...THIS IS IT! This is the song that I would like to dedicate to Linda and her family!

The mods and other members of OFG are currently moving ahead and doing so in the name of Linda and all that she has done to begin this group and to set its destiny to be coming a very close knit group of artists that are planning to carry on with what Linda had started! I applaud the wonderful dedication of these fellow members and thank them for doing their work in the rememberance of Linda.

To Linda's family I send the deepest of sympathy for your loss of such a remarkable woman! She was the symbal of kindness, guidance, encouragement and inspiration for the OFG members and we will never forget her or stop missing her! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Heaven has just received another angel.... and when we look to the heavens Linda will be in our thoughts! HUGS....Deb

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Good morning all! How was your Thanksgiving and Black Friday...not to mention cyber Monday? Are you well on your way to getting all your gift giving shopping done? I know the sales have really been floating around out there and there are still many places that have kept their prices low and very affordable! I have decided to start a new sale that will begin today December 3rd and will go on until December 21st and is called "GET IT BY CHRISTMAS SALE!" The following are the terms of the sale and the savings you will receive. (I apologize but this sale will ONLY apply to U.S purchases.) It will involve all items in ETSY, PRIMITIVE SISTER'S MARKETPLACE AND FUZZB. I have left you the link to get to all shops to look through all I have to offer.

The following are the terms to this sale:

"GET IT BY CHRISTMAS SALE" ( Ends Monday December 21st)
-Applies to U.S. Sales ONLY!-

Make a $30 purchase get 50% off of your shipping and handling cost.

Make a $50 purchase and Shipping and handling is FREE!

Please contact me Before you make your purchase(s) and I will make the corrections for you!

convo or contact me at
Thank you! Deb

I hope you have fun looking and find something that will complete your Christmas shopping ! Again...please contact me before you purchase so that I can make corrections right in the site for you! Enjoy!