Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!

To all my readers, and/or customers, may your holidays be filled with love, warmth and happiness this season! Enjoy this special time being with friends and family and celebrating in the true meaning of this holiday!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Winners of my Giveaway Ornaments are Being Announced!

I have gone ahead and picked the winners of my giveaway since it it pretty close the end of the giveaway....and would be proud to announce the winners right now so that I can get addresses and get these ornaments out to the winners this week so they can have them to enjoy and put up now with the rest of there Christmas items! The winners of a snowflake ornaments are Bridgette Hostrander Leske-Heed, Bebe Priddy Yeary and Brandon Payne, I congratulate the winners and wish you a happy holiday and for the people that didn't win...I wish I had more snowflakes to give out but do appreciate you taking part in my giveaway. Actually, I appreciate you all taking part in my giveaway and hope ALL of you have the most joyous of holidays. Now I will contact each of the winners and congratulate them on their win! Thanks so much!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm having a buy one item, get a second item of equal or lesser value, for FREE SALE!
Come into my Etsy shop today and buy as much as you want and just contact me when you make your purchase what your free choice is and it will be packed up with your purchased item. No worries , no extra hidden fees. What is better than that? Christmas is around the corner and what better way to get a fantastic deal! Come in and SAVE!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Ebay Store 10% off Sale is in Full Swing!

Good morning readers! We are that much closer to Thanksgiving! It is almost time to sit down to that delicious meal with turkey, potatoes, salads, breads and pumpkin pie! Must be time just goes by more quickly the older you get! I don't know how we even got to looking upon Christmas already! We do have an addition to our family this year. My niece has had her baby, Ada Mae which was supposed to arrive on Thanksgiving but came earlier than we anticipated, and have this little package for our Thanksgiving thanks this year! There is nothing like a little one to bring about the holiday spirit when the holidays have seemed to have lost their magic! I just would like to say...congrats Ashley and Stephen on your new status of mom and dad! This is a particularly wonderful holiday for the both of you!

Well back to what I came here for. I stayed up this morning with my Ebay shop and waited, just as if I was bringing in the New Year, waiting for my Markdown Manager to begin. Sure enough the strike of 5am this morning...the sale signs were posted and all the fixed price items were marked down 10%.(The items that started out at 10% and went off early were the ones that were free shipping and handling and were very low to start with. The rest are staying on for the full time of the Fri-Mon celebration.) What a magical thing it was to see this as it was happening. Frankly, having this being my first time to use this feature I was scared to death something would go wrong. It didn't though and now my Ebay sale has begun and will continue until Nov. 28th. I still haven't had a sale for opening my shop and will plan this some time after the holidays!

Etsy's 20% off sale is in full swing and my ebay 10% off sale has begun and the giveaway is still in the waiting period to see if anyone else would like to win one of the beautiful Christmas ornaments, do the three steps and enter if you so choose.(The winner will be announced Dec. 14th.)
There is alot going on between Times of old creations and Willowtree-Treasures and invite all of you to checkout my shops and look at the ornaments. I hope all of YOU have a wonderful holiday and I'll see you after the holidays!




Monday, November 21, 2011

My Giveaway for Now until Dec 14th have Arrived!

I promised you a picture of the giveaway that I am having. They have arrived to my home this weekend and I wanted to get you a picture of the ones that the winners will win. There will be three winners and there are three prizes so here they are so you can get a clearer look of what you are trying for! This is just one thing that my wholesale/dropship company sells on their site and because this is to kick off my new Ebay store...Willowtree-Treausures...home decor. and more.. shop! I got these items quickly ...just days from the date I ordered it and were in fine shape. These decorations are not short on shiney/glittery/glitzy! They would be beautiful to hang up anywhere to add to your Christmas decor. Just follow the three requests below, in the post having to do with the giveaway, and your name will go in to win one of these beautiful ornaments! Good luck to all!

Ebay Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!

Good morning readers! Just to give you a heads up! I'll be having a sale in my Ebay store ...Willowtree-Treasures....starting early this Tuesday Nov. 22- Monday Nov. 28th in the p.m. 10% discount will be given on all fixed priced items so now you have two sales to attend for savings....My Ebay, (going on from Tuesday Nov. 22nd until Monday Nov. 28h), and my Etsy 20%,(going on now until Nov. 25th.)The links are below and have a fantastic holiday! Enjoy your family and friends and remember to be thankful and share this appreciation with all the people around you! Below are my links to take you to the shops and sales! Have fun all!
(Ebay is having one day to get double EBAY Monday Nov. 21st I tried to move my sale to this date but the system wouldn't allow for that so had to start it tomorrow! Truly blew me out of the water that this couldn't be done and apologize for finding out later than anticipated!)
SHOOT! Ebay won't let me start the sale until tomorrow!Expect a 10% discount tomorrow then....



P.S. I also got the giveaways that will be involved next month and will get a picture of them so that you can see them in real-time with a colored background here today and get them posted so you can get a better picture of what is being given away on Dec. 14th. There is still time to put in to try to win one of these neat, glittery ornaments if you so choose. Just follow the three requests in my post about the giveaway and your name will be entered to win! Thanks so much!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Etsy Shop is having a Holiday Sale!

Hello readers! There is alot going on here now that I've got two online shops that I'm juggling. The other shop that is going to be celebrating the holidays is Etsy! Starting today, November 17th through November 28th I will be celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday! With the holidays being so busy and today you not only experience it in stores but you see it online as well...I am starting my sales early! Use the code: HOLIDAYFUN when you checkout from my shop on Etsy and get 20% off of your purchase(s). Everyone needs to be given great savings because isn't the holidays expensive enough? You all deserve a break and this is a superb time to take part in all of that! Take a look at the giveaway below. Follow the three requests and there you can enter to win one of the beautiful Christmas ornaments from the company that I am working with on Ebay!

(Maybe that is why I love this time of and two favorite things to get and receive this time of year!) Here is the link to browse my Etsy store and have fun!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Willowtree-Treasures Home Decor. and MORE..... Give-a-Way!

(SPECIFICS; Snowflake ornaments set. Painted metal, art glass, and acrylic. 2 1/2 x 3/4 x10 high)


Good morning all! As you must know...from my last post that I've started up a new business and am now selling home decor. items such as furniture, mirrors, glass figurines, kitchenware,lawn and garden, shelves, salt and pepper shakers, lamps, candles, candle holders and so much more such as ...lawn and garden ornaments, benches, indoor and outdoor water fountains, holiday items, jewelry,tools, electronic, travel and business items and even more than that! To kick off my opening my new Ebay store I am going to have a giveaway! It will be a suprise what it will be for I will not post a picture of the item(s) until they arrive to me. I will take a picture of them and plan on sending the items out to the winners from my home. I CAN tell you that they are Christmas in origin and are shiny and glittery and may hang from a tree or a window and will look lovely anywhere they are placed. They are something that can help decorate your home and it will add warmth and charm to any spot within your home. I thought about my facebook friends and my crafting friends when I did the purchasing and really think that all of you will enjoy this prize! I do have 3 to giveaway so I plan on having 3 winners to win all of these items! If you so chose you can start now and just follow through with these easy steps to be put in this giveaway and the requests are listed below. Just leave your name, and a way to get intouch with you when the winners are picked and will let you know when the names have been picked.....or you can wait until the pictures are taken and posted within my next post. The choice is yours....if you trust me that you will love your winnings you can start now...if you want to see what you'll win you can wait. That is all fine with me. Here are the steps to be put in the chance to win: Thank you for spending this time reading about the giveaway and I wish you all luck to be the winner!

1.Go to my facebook page and "like" my Willowtree-Treasures Ebay Store page.
(If I can get the link to like it here that is fine too.

2.Post about this giveaway on your blog.

3.Just go in and take a quick look at what my shop has and just make a comment on my facebook page about at least one thing that you liked. You can also just make a comment on my facebook page ,or better yet here, where you can leave a email addy to get in touch with you if you should win! /THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!

For all the people that are just going to do these tasks now...Thank you. If you are one that will wait until I post the pictures....Thank you when you do! Again, thank you for your support and I wish you all luck to win for I think these items are just the neatest and would look lovely in your homes!Winners will be announced December 14th so no time to waste. I ended up leaving a picture of the ornaments that are to be given away. Each winner will get one of these ornaments. There will be three winners!



Monday, October 31, 2011


Good morning readers! I have some news for you of something new that has been rising up and that is I've just started working with my first wholesale drop ship company and am opening up a shop on Ebay. This is a move that I have always thought about but didn't know where to go to find a company that would not only I could get my items from but also would send them to the customers as well. Well you never know how it will go until you give it a try and I guess everything happens for a reason! I am putting the creating on the sidelines for awhile and give this a spin to see if this was meant to be or not. Please come to Ebay and checkout what I have just put on. Later tonight my name will become a shop with all my items together and organized like any other shop..with a list of items I'll be carrying, policies and a store front! (Still don't know though because I've never had an Ebay store before!) Now I have my next request...please come in and see what I have available. Most of it is home decor, but I also have toys, electronics and many other categories that would make perfect gifts for the holidays! Everything else is staying put...Etsy and the antique store...but just need to give this highest priority until I see if this will go for me or not. The items are great, the company I'm working for works hard to have happy customers and provide quality items and has received an A+ rating with the BBB! Meaning this is a topnotch wholesale/dropship company that care about its customers and providing a top notch service to all! It just all feels right!



Wednesday, October 5, 2011

20% Etsy Sale in my Shop!

Good morning early rise readers! I have just set up a sale in my Etsy shop and invite you all to take a look and make purchases at a 20% discount. Use the coupon code PRIMBLESSINGS and your savings will be accounted for upon checkout. Buy Christmas gifts that item that you have had your eye on for months....give your purchases to friends, or family, for presents....or just make a purchase to put away for future use! Who doesn't LOVE savings this time of year? I'm always looking for a good deal! Come into my shop today and browse and enjoy the savings! This sale will go from today Oct. 5th until.... Sat. Oct. 22nd...(correction). Spread the word and enjoy!

Etsy link: (copy and paste)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Small the World Has Become with the Help of the Internet!

An amazing situation has just happened and am still in shock! This is such a small world and this short story proves it! The winner of my PAFA Team donation is June and she lives in Wellsboro, Pa. I live in Mansfield, Pa my gift goes to a woman that lives no farther than 15min from where I live. How is that even possible? Well it has happened and isn't the internet a wonderful thing to meet people even that close that you have never met before?! Just too cool!

5th place winner is June of gammies primitive attic
June sells her primitive wares on Ebay visit her items today!

Congratulations again June! It has been fun talking to you and getting to know you! Enjoy your winnings! Prim Blessing!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Winners of the PAFA Halloween/Fall Celebration Give-a-way have been Announced!

Good morning readers. The end of the PAFA Team Halloween/Fall Celebration has come and gone and winners have been chosen and won donations from the groups talented members. I congratulate all the winners for participating and supporting the PAFA artists and for winning prizes of their choice. It has been a great event from selling as a team on Etsy to finally learning the lucky recipients of the many prizes that were available in the very generous give-a-way activity. Below are the list of winners so you can congratulate them too!

1st Place winner is Debbie of Woolnsails

2nd place winner is Robin of primitivehutch

3rd place winner is Tam of countrygalcreations

4th place winner is Heidi of mysimplecountryliving

5th place winner is June of gammiesprimitiveattic

6th place winner is annesphamily

7th place winner is Carol of buttermilkcreekfarm

8th place winner is Peggy of mixedmediaartbypeggyr

The winner of MY donation is June of Gammies Primitive Attic! She has won the Cat, Crow and Star Sunflower Bag and congratulate you for her win and hope you enjoy your prize!

Again, a thank you for all that have participated in our team event and a big congratulations goes out to all that have won a prize!

Friday, August 26, 2011


The Fall Celebration with the PAFA Team will be taking place this Sunday Aug. 28th and will end Sept. 17th. The code to search when looking for creations for this celebration is "STTPP" Put thse letters in your search to find the items that the group have been working on for this special event. Also there will be a Fall Giveaway and both events can be found to right below this post! You can click on both to read about what is being given away and about the Fall Celebration its self! Come and visit Etsy and take part in the giveaway! There are alot of talented members in this team and any win would be a good one! Have fun!

Again, search STTPP and find all the member's items that will be involved in the Fall celebration for the PAFA Team in Etsy!

Giveaway Link:

PAFA Fall Celebration:

Also I have added 5 infinity scarves into my shop and one cabbage rose pin for you viewing. Come take a look at what new I have added and my 10 Fall items will be added on to the top of the lot, totaling 10 creations so alot will be there for viewing as of this Sunday! Enjoy!

Etsy linK:

My Shop Link to Etsy:

Monday, August 8, 2011

Be Careful What you Wish For!

I just a quick note: I bought some polyester blend fabric yesterday and completed 4-6 Infinity Scarves this morning! I will be posting these soon, along with the remainder of my teacup pincushions, and will be my lining my shop shelves within the next few days. Be watching my shop for these incoming goodies! Have a great day!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Letting You Know of Something New that I will Be Working On!

Good evening readers! I just thought of this idea because I have just became aware of a new scarf that is taking the fashion shops by storm! I have just noticed a new type of scarf out on the market and I am personally taking a liking to these new arrivals....they are called Infinity Scarves! These are long tube type scarves that are intending to be wrapped around your neck 1-3 times and can be worn even at work and will not interfere with your work, or get caught in machinery! You are beginning to see them EVERYWHERE and frankly I LOVE them! I don't have one myself...but am looking into making some of these trendy scarves to be a new project that I will be tackling soon and will add them into my shop once I get the first few completed. These are very attractive and versitile extra long scarves that are made with a lightweight fabric, hardy fabric or can be knitted or crotcheted! They can be made for any temperatures and can be made for any season! Depending on how many loops you give them you can get a different look and feel to any outfit you wear. They are made to dress up or dress down and would be the accessory you need if you love to change you look on a dime! I am so excited about this new finding and will get to this just as soon as I get the fabric to complete be watching for this new addition to be added to my Etsy shop soon!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Please forgive my Mistake!

Just a quick note. I am new to the PAFA Team/Group and was not aware until recently that when looking for creations made by the artists in the Primtive and Folk Artist Etsy Team you MUST put pafa team in your search regardless of what the section of Etsy you are searching...All items, Supplies, Handmades..etc. Please take note of this when looking for items from this team! Thank you!

Teacup Pincushions have now arrived in my Etsy shop!

Good morning everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I have started listing the teacup pincushions into my Etsy shop and have more to go so keep watch. Some are rusty tin top pincushions as well but promise there will be quite a selection. Come in today and look them over...there may be one there that would look lovely on a hutch or shelf that not only is a GREAT decoration but a much needed sewer's tool! Need a gift that is not just whimsical but serves an important purpose? A teacup pincushion may be what you are looking for! Want something that is pretty to look at and can be put anywhere? How about something that not only does the job of holding your pins but sharpens them every time it is used? How about it not only keeps your pins off the floor but holds your small tools in one place while you are at work? (Well maybe the rusty tin top can't hold your items but you have to admit they do keep the needles off the floor AND sharpen your needles at the same time!) If you said yes to any, or all of these questions, go to my shop today and consider purchasing a teacup/or rusty top pincushion! Your family will thank you!

My Etsy link:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PAFA Fall Celebration to take place August 28 - September 17

Good Tuesday morning blog readers! I just wanted to inform you of an upcoming celebration that will be taking place in Etsy. The PAFA, Primitive and Folk Artist Team, will be having a Fall celebration beginning August 28 - Sept 17 and will feature ...anything and everything... that has to do with the fall season! Feel free to browse if you are in the fall mood and ready to change your decor. from summer to fall very soon. All you have to do is go to the Etsy site and put a designated set of letters in the search, that will round up everything that is to be taking place in this celebration from the PAFA members, and collect them into one large list of items. It is that simple! I do not currently have the designated letters yet....but will pass them onto you when they become available! (These letters will not be available to me until the celebration is about to I will not be able to give them to you much before Aug. 28th.) Good things happen to those that wait and this will be no different. Be watching and I will post is right here... those special letters that will find this celebration for you once I have received them myself! Thanks for your patience!

I intend to take part in this celebration and each of us can provide 10 items, I have my 10, to be part of this. I would assume the number of creations will be many so don't miss this one. I will be back and fill in the blanks for you so you too can view what these great artists have been working on! I promise you is NOT a waste of time and will a be a fall wonderland for any country, primitive, antique enthusiast out there!

I also am working on teacup pincushions and have some beautiful cup and saucer pincushions that I will be posting soon! Are you at a loss of where to put your pins? Are you tired of having your feet finding the pins that fall on the floor or sticking them in the seats of your chairs until a better place is found? Does your pet manage to find them before you do? Has your dog thought his name has changed to "Pincusion" , "Pin Holder" or "Needle Keeper"? I'll have available a number of decorative/handmade pincushions available for the sewer in your life very soon in my shop and keep your friends, family and pets safe! Be watching for this addition!

My Etsy shop link:

Until later...take care and see you again soon!

Etsy link:

Friday, July 29, 2011

I've just joined a New Etsy Group and would like to Introduce you PAFA Etsy Team!

Good morning readers! I am here today to update you all on my latest news! I have just joined a new Etsy team and would like you to get familiar with the initials to use when searching for some of the best primitive-wares found on the Etsy web! This group is: "Primitive and Folk Artists." The member's creations can be found by putting PAFA in your search when looking for these handmades. You'll find everything from wooden goodies to painted beauties that just can not be left behind! These artists are some of the most talented group of people that I've had a pleasure to be a part of and invite you to see some of their works by simply placing PAFA or pafa team and seeing some of these very talented artists work of art!

Currently, this team is having a "Christmas in July" celebration and HAVE to take a look at all that is available. I know it SEEMS far off until Christmas is here...but in reality it will be here before you know it and you can be ready NOW! So why wait? You can beat the holiday crowds in the process and get fantastic holiday gifts now! Better yet they are all handmade and have the heart, and special touch, of every artist, infused in every piece! PRICELESS! Imagine spending Christmas time attending to other duties!

I have just begun my membership and am getting things in order to take part in this group in a strong/positive way. As time transpires I will frequently be adding shops of members, inform of celebrations, and provide links to send you to this group for ease of searching and invite you to follow my fellow members as well. Enjoy your journey and I hope you find many items that you want to make your own!

PAFA Etsy Team

Etsy Link and put PAFA in your search:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello Readers....Here are a few New Additions to my Etsy shop!

Hello readers! I hope that you have been having an amazing summer and your July 4th celebration was the best! I just wanted to let you know that I have put a few new things into my Etsy shop and are eager to get reactions to some of my new additions. I have a set of topiary accessories. Each has been made out of different materials for the ball section of these roses, dried rose heads and potpourri are examples. They all have a distinct fragrance and would be a great centerpiece for any wedding, birthday or baby shower. I also have listed two new Annie dolls....a nurse with bear patient Annie and a Annie and Hoot Owl doll. I hope you enjoy them and be looking for more new additions soon!

One of the newest interests I have is looking into making stuffed owls and adding them eventually to the mixture of items that I will be making available to potential purchasers.I also have been rolling around the idea of assorted pincushions and hair accessories for all ages. My mind is always working and rolling over ideas in my head and now just need to teach myself how! Time will only tell how far I'll get but am hoping to come up with some new items/skills soon to make available.

Enjoy the rest of your summer... for school will begin soon! I know...bite my tongue!LOL I hope to talk to you again soon and have something new to show ,or tell you about!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dates have changed and "FREE SHIPPING and HANDLING FEES" are now in Effect!

Hello everyone! I have just finalized my latest/newest plans and am making the "Free Shipping and Handling Sale" begin NOW! It will begin today ...June 2nd and go until JULY 5th so come in and enjoy your savings. The code to use is: 4JULYUSA and will involve USA SALES ONLY! Use this when checking out and it will make this fee disappear like magic! Sorry for any inconvenience! I will have sales later in the summer as I have stated and give international sales some savings also ...but just won't be able to do that during this particular sale!

I will intend on sending out items 2x a week while this sale is effect. I will contact you what mail option I will be using and give you an idea of when your item(s) will arrive to you! So not to will be well informed of all moves done on my end to make sure your item(s) arrive to you in a timely manner and in great condition!

Come and enjoy this Independence Day Special and have fun browsing and shopping! Happy 4th early to all and have fun!

My Etsy shop link! (copy and paste and you'll be right there!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Free Shipping and Handling Sale Planned for the 4th!

Hello readers! I am making some plans for a "FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING SALE" to take place in my Etsy shop to celebrate the 4th of July holiday and want to tell you ahead of time so that you can plan what you would like to purchase until the day arrives. It will involve U.S. Sales ONLY! (I apologize to the international sales that could be made but just won't be able to make this possible to people in other countries. I'll have more sales before the summer is over and will include everyone so be watching for those sales!)

The FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING SALE is estimated to start on June 20th and work through July 4th mark these dates on your calendar to use the code that will be provided so that you can make your purchases for the items only...NO SHIPPING FEES! Be watching my shop and, read it here and on my facebook page, for the code and be prepared to have fun at my exciting 4th of July BASH!

My Etsy shop:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Very Special Mother's Day Wish For All The Lovely Mothers That Follow My Blog ....Including My Own Mother!

To all of those hardworking, loving, wonderful mothers out there Happy Mother's Day!!! To my very special, caring, giving mother: I love you and thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin! I could not have asked of a woman that could have taught me better how to be the best mother I could be, learn to be strong yet compassionate when the time calls for it and be not just a woman that gave birth to a child but loves that child, supports that child and cares for that child throughout their life as long as humanly possible! I learned all of this from one very amazing woman through her example....MY MOTHER! Thank you mom! I love you!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Spring /29th Year Anniversary Sale is Currently Going on my my Etsy Shop!

Good morning all! I just put together a sale that is taking place in my Etsy shop. Use the coupon code "HSA2011" when checking out and get 15% off of anything that you purchase in my shop. This was done a little late and I do apologize for have this strickly for Easter. I also will be celebrating my 29th year anniversary in May. A 15% off coupon has been issued to help participate in celebrating both of these happenings! Grab a cup of java and checkout the savings and pick out some new primitive wares to decorate your home with upon the arriving of continuously warm sunny weather and reaching 29 years of marriage to the same great guy! Enjoy your time, put your feet up and if there is something that catches your eye and/or heart spread the news so your friends can spend some time browsing!

Etsy Link:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Amazing Give -A -Way is Currently in the Process....

Welcome readers! I haven't post in awhile and apologize for the silence! I have just run across a Great site with whom the owner is my dear friend Pamela Stocker. She is celebrating the fact that she has just completed her 200th post and is sharing it with all of her devoted followers and readers. Her give-a-way includes two wonderful creations to be announced shortly on her blog! All you have to do is share a comment about the two give-a-way items and be the 27th person to do so and you could be the lucky winner of these lovely creations that were designed and constructed by Pam herself! The site name is: "Its just Frankly Kute." and her site is well worth taking a look at She also is the author of anotherGood luck to all of you that enter into this very generous give-a-way! Visit her blog today and get the specifics! Hurry before it ends!

Pam's blog link:

(click on or copy and paste!)

Other sites where her work can be found....


(Another sister blog has more creations posted and for sale items)
"It's just Krazy Kute Productions"


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Blog Readers!

I wish you a very happy Valentine's Day today and am sending a message that today is the last day for ultimate coupon sales in my Etsy shop! Stop in before Valentine's Day is over and get your next purchase(s) for 20% off! Have a great day filled with love and relaxation! Don't forget to get filled up on chocolates. This is one of the holidays that gives you a good excuse to get your share. (The other is Easter...hehehe!)

My Etsy shop:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Etsy Shop Coupon Code has Changed and is Now for 20% Off Your Total Purchases!

Hello my great blog followers. January is slipping on by and my birthday is that much closer. Boy am I feeling it already! As I am aging by the day I have just added a new coupon code to my Etsy shop and am offering 20% off of your total purchases by entering the code: GKEJS2011 . Come in and shop your hearts content and help me celebrate my upcoming birthday with beginning with a savings! Take a look, have fun, bring friends and buy to your hearts content!

Etsy Link:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Angels are flying around in my Etsy shop!

Good morning everyone! Angels are flying around in my Etsy shop and are waiting to get someone with their loaded star! Come and take a look at them before they disappear! Just be careful you may need to wear eye protective gear if one is a bad shot! Just a friendly warning!

Etsy link:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love is in the air and can be found in my Etsy shop!

Hello readers! Well, Valentines Day is the next special day and I am eagerly filling my Etsy shop with angels, hearts and creations that will warm your heart! Come in and see what I've been up to and see what has all ready left the "building." I guess the feeling of love has begun and Times of old creations is moving right along with it! My sale of 15% off is continuing through the month of January there is still plenty of time to find that something special for you, someone you care about or something that you may like to save for a gift for the near future and will benefit from buying it today! I hope your day is mild, beautiful and almost spring-like just as mine is! Enjoy your day!

Etsy shop:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year to all! May 2011 be a better year than 2010 and may turning 48 be better than being 47! To celebrate my birthday that falls in January ...and to help all of my followers start their new year in grand Etsy shop is having a Month of January Sale to start your buying off with a savings! Use the coupon code below at checkout and get 15% off your total purchase at checkout!

Use coupon code at checkout: HNYB2011 and get 15% off Feel free to bring friends!LOL

(Sales tax will be added to all payments from Pennsylvania)

Have a wonderful day...and opps I think I see a new wrinkle!LOL

Link to my Etsy shop!