Friday, October 22, 2010

New Items are Beginning to Showup in my Etsy!

Come one come all! New items are beginning to appear in my Etsy shop and I started off with three new creations! Come in and see what they are and expect more to meet your holiday needs! I hope you enjoy the new addtions and can find something that catches your eye in this line up! I will add as much, and as often as possible to make up for some lost time! Have fun looking and don't forget your cup of coffee ,and your favorite creamer, is not coffee unless it tastes like a desert!LOL


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just a Reminder....

Take advantage of the last day of sales on my Etsy! The existing sale will end at 6pm eastern time and the new items will begin appearing early Friday October 22nd in the am. Some sales will be located in the sales bin or may find their way to the Red Rose Co-op in Mansfield, Pa should they be there too long and disappear! Enjoy the last hours of this great sale and then enjoy the view when the new items begin to arrive Friday! I will continue to work on patchwork/ and or rag quilting as I am bringing out the new so at some point I will be able to sell something of this orientation! Enjoy and I hope you love what you see!

My Etsy

Monday, October 18, 2010

Moving New Items into my Etsy Shop Earlier!

Hello readers! I wanted to keep you informed for when the new items would start to arrive into my Etsy shop! I'm moving new items in early so that you have enough time to buy for the holiday season and the sooner the better. You will start seeing new items starting on Friday October 22nd. Many of the items I have left will go to the "sales bin" and will remain at the sales prices that I've had them listed at, some of these items will go off of sale and will be found in the various sections I have in my shop, and some will be brand new creations that will be added to the shop in general. Come in and take a look at my new banner and avatar and and see a new and improved Willowtree Treasures! Everything will stay as it is and will begin changing as of.... Friday October 22nd to give you ample time to buy for the holidays for yourself or for holiday gifts!*** I accept all international sales...just please contact me for a shipping quote! I will attempt to add new item(s) per week, or as often as possible, to offer you new options of items to choose from through the holiday season! Come visit me for these exciting new additions and enjoy!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Four Little Girls Waiting to be Added to my Etsy Shop Nov. 1st!

Good morning all! I just wanted to have you meet the first four gals that will go into my shop November 1st. There is Annie,Bella,Tiffany and Bethany. These will be a few of the first items that I will stock my shop with when I'm back open and functioning to the fullest again. Until then the sale will contine and enjoy the savings. Some of these items will go back into the normal stash and the rest will be put in a sales bin for quick sales as of November 1st so be aware and get what you want for the prices listed until the date noted and then things will begin to change. Enjoy and have a great day!