Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dates have changed and "FREE SHIPPING and HANDLING FEES" are now in Effect!

Hello everyone! I have just finalized my latest/newest plans and am making the "Free Shipping and Handling Sale" begin NOW! It will begin today ...June 2nd and go until JULY 5th so come in and enjoy your savings. The code to use is: 4JULYUSA and will involve USA SALES ONLY! Use this when checking out and it will make this fee disappear like magic! Sorry for any inconvenience! I will have sales later in the summer as I have stated and give international sales some savings also ...but just won't be able to do that during this particular sale!

I will intend on sending out items 2x a week while this sale is effect. I will contact you what mail option I will be using and give you an idea of when your item(s) will arrive to you! So not to will be well informed of all moves done on my end to make sure your item(s) arrive to you in a timely manner and in great condition!

Come and enjoy this Independence Day Special and have fun browsing and shopping! Happy 4th early to all and have fun!

My Etsy shop link! (copy and paste and you'll be right there!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Free Shipping and Handling Sale Planned for the 4th!

Hello readers! I am making some plans for a "FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING SALE" to take place in my Etsy shop to celebrate the 4th of July holiday and want to tell you ahead of time so that you can plan what you would like to purchase until the day arrives. It will involve U.S. Sales ONLY! (I apologize to the international sales that could be made but just won't be able to make this possible to people in other countries. I'll have more sales before the summer is over and will include everyone so be watching for those sales!)

The FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING SALE is estimated to start on June 20th and work through July 4th mark these dates on your calendar to use the code that will be provided so that you can make your purchases for the items only...NO SHIPPING FEES! Be watching my shop and, read it here and on my facebook page, for the code and be prepared to have fun at my exciting 4th of July BASH!

My Etsy shop: