Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

(This antique card was one of the free items on NorthWindStar's blog...checkout the great cookie on a stick recipe she has listed also! I'm sure you will absolutely enjoy yourself on her GREAT blog! LINK: )

Tomorrow is GOOD FRIDAY and SUNDAY is EASTER. I wish all of you a wonderful,warm and joyous holiday! Enjoy yourselves with family, friends and all the people that mean so much to you during this time!

I admit that I have been in a mental block during this time trying to prepare myself for my son's wedding at the end of June. My heart has not been into creating right at this time but hope the "spark" will come back after the holidays and I will dig my heels into a new creation! So don't give up on me...not much has been happening right now ...but expect that to change in the next week or two!

Remember my 10% off sale will be over with on Easter day so.... go in and check to see what I have to see if something my shop has what you have been looking for. That little special something that could go to the someone special in your life!

I plan to have a give-a-way soon after Easter too so keep watch so that you can be one that has a chance at what I will have to offer some lucky recipient! I will post this at a later date! Have a great day!




~ OTBP said...

hey deb.. thanks for all your comments! yes I have been making dolls for 2yrs now...quit nursing to do it full time! here is my doll blog site if you have a mintue.. and thanks!!


Northwindstar said...

Was wonderful hearing from you Deb! Thanks for stopping by my blog, as it sure brought a *smile*. Hope all is good with you and your loved ones.
I want to be on your followers list as you have such a wonderful blog, but have no clue how to do it LOL!
BTW, keep me posted on your give-a-way coming up and I'll post it on my blog!
Wishing you and your family a truly blessed Easter sweet lady :)


Northwindstar said...

WOOOO HOOOO...I did it, am following you around like a prim shadow! *smile*
Thanks for your tips sweet lady!!
Ummm, no need to post this LOL Just wanted to let you know and don't have your email.

Have a grand Easter weekend Deb!

WillowtreeTreasures said...

Thanks so much Lex! It is fantastic that you learned to do that. Now you can add anyone you want to the people you want to follow. It is GREAT! I left my email in as a comment on your blog and welcome you to email at any time! Please let me know what yours is when you get time! Thanks sweet sister and have a very happy Easter! HUGS...Deb