Wednesday, November 26, 2008

***Black Friday Special (Friday Nov.28th and U.S. SALES ONLY) ***

*** FREE Shipping and Handling on all items in my shop between the hours of 8AM and 8PM Eastern Time/ on NOV. 28th and for U.S. SALES ONLY! *** (Purchases must be made together and on the same day. If you have any questions please just ask! Contact me and I will prepare a revised invoice. Please put your email addy in your convo so that I can send the invoice to the correct purchaser! Thanks so much and Happy Holidays everyone! (Items will be sent regular U.S. P.S. Mail/First Class mail!)

Black Friday will be a special day in my Etsy shop!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Old World Folkart Santa put into Etsy!

Good morning! Hurray I got my wool! I just love it and it looks great on my newest Santas! I just put him in my shop and he is now for sale please come take a look! He would be GREAT for a doorgreeter , as a decoration for you home or on the wall so if you are in need of any of these things ..this may be just what you are looking for! He was one of my best sellers last Christmas and hope that people take to him again ..but in Etsy this time! Please come into my shop and take a look around! I hope you find something that strikes your fancy and you fall in love with or want to give as a gift! Just remember Santa is watching you!LOL


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New sale it now taking place!

Hello again! I just wanted to let you know that I have changed my sale in my Etsy shop to ....Buy $65 of items , or more, and get free shipping and handling for these items for U.S. sales only! Just convo me when your total has reached $65 ..not including shipping and handling that has been posted per item...and I will revise your invoice to get the free shipping and handling! Think "holiday gift giving" and come in and check it out! There may be just the items you can use to put under your tree for this year to give someone special that is always handmade! Come in and enjoy! (If you are planning to purchase $65 worth of items ...please convo me with your email addy so that I can make an invoice that will be sent to the correct purchasers. Thanks!)


I got it all in the bag.....

Good morning all! Have all of you seen the beginning of the winter weather by experiencing some snow? I just feel that it is so beautiful this time of year and love those first few episodes when the snow is at its whitest and softly falling all over the grass we spent so many hours mowing this past spring and summer! I hope you are all ready for the holidays and this helps put you all in the mood to bring on the turkey and stuffing and sit back and enjoy the parades!

I am here to tell you today of the folkart lamp that I've made and it is for sale in Etsy. I made my first folkart lamp and can't say how much I loved putting this together. Good thing I have done the snowman and Annie "Learning to skate" Dolls for this bottom of this lamp needs to be boxed and would have never known how to do this if I hadn't done those dolls first! Thanks goodness for small favors! I plan to make more and put them on but I have some woolfelt brooches I'd like to try my hand at first and still need the wool for the folkart Santa that I'm still waiting to complete! I promise once the wool has arrived this item will be up and available and would be another item that can be put under the doll greeter category of my shop. So if you are in need of an awesome doorgreeter keep you eyes on my shop for I'll get the hair and beard on the minute the wool arrives! Well for now enjoy the new style lamp I'll be making available and hope you enjoy this new item. If you have a color that you are interested in or a certain woolfelt figure you would like to request...please feel free to do so and I will get busy putting together your item. Until next time....keep smiling and remember every snow flake that touches you during the day is the snow angel from the heavens touching you with her soft/ loving touch. Go out and enjoy it! P.S. I also tried a felt flower pin that I made, of course, prim and added to it my list also. Go see what you think. Thanks!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Two more items have been listed and more to come....

Good morning all! I just wanted to inform all of you that I have two new items listed in my Etsy shop and there are more to come! I have now listed another Annie type doll that is all about "Beauty is in the eyes for the beholder" and I have put on another Santa with Annie doll.

"Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder"
Annie Doll"

"Folkart Santa and Annie Doll Set"

I am thrilled to say that I have another folkart Santa already to go and am still waiting for the wool to arrive so I can finish him up! I am also starting a new type of light and it will be a folkart lamp that I hope that all of my interested readers may be interested in that is made of shirt flannel with a woolfelt figure on the front. They are very attractive and are ohhh sooo prim! keep watch on my shop because I am in the holiday mood and creating things like crazy that can be used for your home or given as a gift! I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Santa #1 is now ready for sale in my Shop!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? I hope you all are doing fine! During my last post I stated that I was hoping to have some Santas done and ready for sale by this week....well I have my first set of Santas done and they indeed are in my Etsy shop and ready for sale. These are the cutest Santas and are from a pattern of Ragg Bagg Babies. These little guys are made to be pin keeps/ pincushions but are so cute you may just like one to admire and to put in a place that is special to you like a prim basket or rocker! This pattern also has a snowman and witch that can be made with it and I would like to work on the snowman next. The witch is just so cute too and can be made just into an Annie. Having done the first doll I am sold that this is just the most interesting construction I've ever done and can't wait to make more!

I said that I wanted to get a "couple" Santas done this week and believe it or not I did.. but I ran out of wool and just have to put the hair and beard on the last Santa to be able to make it available to the people that shop Etsy. Again, I hope to get the final Santa done by the end of this week, fingers crossed that the wool arrives in time! Be watching for the 2nd Santa that will be posted in my shop. This one will be a very folkart doll and can be used as a door greeter or wall hanger as well and was a hit the last time I made these so be watching! I hope that you all are having a wonderful day and until my next post.....


Friday, November 7, 2008

Not to worry....Santas are coming!

Good morning all! I apologize for being so quick with my latest posts. I have been working my head off to make sure I get enough Christmas items in my Etsy shop and am looking at what I can do for Valentines! Crazy isn't it? It never seems to end ...but is a true challenge to see how many things I can get going at one time and multitask to get it all done....but done with quality and not getting caught up in the idea of quantity!

I just wanted to let you know that I am currently working on a couple of santas and will have them done soon and will have them posted in my shop by next week. *fingers crossed* I'm hoping they will be done and ready to be up for sale by next week...I should say!LOL

Like I said I am also thinking Valentine's Day! You say..."Why would you do that? That isn't until Feb." My answer is because it is the next holiday and will be creeping up on us before you know it and is also a very popular holiday! With crafting the holidays seem to just move along and before you know it the whole year is gone and wonder why half of it you didn't even recognize!

Well I'm having a great time just upping the antie on myself for item numbers , items to fill my categories and trying out new ideas that to quit now would set me off my inner clock to produce, produce, produce!

Well just thought I touch base with you on my ideas, current projects and future projects so that you know ...although my items in my shop may be stalled for now. It won't be for long for I am still working on filling in items that I don't have yet and hopefully will do well enough that I will touch someone out there to make something their very own!

Take care and until next time......

Monday, November 3, 2008

Three new items just listed in my Etsy Shop!

Good morning everyone! I have worked so hard this week to get another item ready to put into my Etsy shop and want to share with you what the new arrival is. I made a snowman and Annie doll/ shelf sitter set that is called "Learning to Skate" and the little Annie is wearing the most precious skates! This is a wonderful set and would be just the decoration you need to top off your holiday decorations! I have also listed another lamp with this one including both the girl and the boy angel dolls in the same lamp! This is a very attractive lamp and would be just beautiful on a coffee table, on a tv entertainment center or in a child's room. It gives off a very soft glow of light is not overwhelming to have in a room! Lastly, there are three mice, each in their own Christmas mittens , that can hang from the Christmas tree, key holder , or an old cupboard. They are just the sweetest! Please come in a check out these new additions and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Three Blind Christmas Mice in Mittens Ornies/Bowl Fillers

Angel Girl and Boy Lamp

Learning to Skate Snowman and Annie Doll Shelf sitter

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