Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OFG Challenge is well on its way in ETSY!

Hello all! I just wanted to remind you that The Olde Farmhouse Gathering Challenge is well on its way and wanted to put a bug in your ear that the entrant items are FANTASTIC! Please come take a look in the shops, and at the items that have been entered into this challenge. Everyone has spent a lot of time on their items , not to mention getting their shops ready to have items that are available that almost anyone would want! I'm sure that you will find that one item that you wanted to fill a spot in your home, but weren't sure what you were looking for can be found in the challenge.... or in one of these very talented artists shops! Etsy is the home of homemade items and will hold anything any home or individual is in search of! Just put OFG Challenge in the Etsy search and enjoy your time! There is plenty to look at and very hard working artists that are there to help make you happy and help you with that one thing that you just have to have.
Come and read about the group by clicking on the following link or copy and paste to the search-

To see the items in the challenge from the group and myself.....Click , or copy the link below and put it in your search and welcome to a whole new experience in shopping!


I hope to see you there!

Monday, June 23, 2008

New items have just arrived in Willowtree Treasure's shop on Etsy!

Good morning readers! I promised that a few more things would be added to my Etsy store as I prepare to get ready for the Patriotic Challenge that is about to take place Wednesday June 25th. Just so that you are to probably be the first ones to find out, or view, what I have added. t and am looking into starting Halloween items as we speak. First I have added The Mammy lamp with Children and the second item I have just listed is with The Annie Cat and burlap Pumpkin treat bag . Both items are just wonderful and can be check out in my shop. So please do... and again, remember that the Americana Collector will be available Wednesday June 25th and I will have her listed in my shop then! Please checkout my new additions in the meantime and enjoy your visit! Etsy is the "home of things homemade!" If you love prim you will LOVE the things that the OFG Team has to offer. Just put OFG team in your search. There are also other homemade items that are not prim also and all is GREAT! Checkout Etsy today! It will be an experience you won't soon forget!

Http:// .....or copy and paste this link into your search to find my shop!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Quick announcement of Threadbare Primitive's $4.99 epattern prices!

Good morning all! I just got a message yesterday from Susan , owner of Threadbare Primitives, that she has added a section her her website that is featuring some of her fantastic epatterns for a mere cost of $4.99 per epattern! (Not to mention she wanted an update on members that would like to continue a subscription from her that tell of her $3.50 specials, introduce its members to any new creations and notifies its members of new happenings of The Threadbare Operation!) What are included in the patterns are raggedies, black dolls, ornies and seasonal patterns. At this price you can sincerely stock up! (Just so you know...this does not include her paper pattern line!)

Please visit her today and think about signing up for her subscription membership! I have it has been the best thing I have ever done! I get an offering of a epattern for $3.50 per month and they are ALWAYS great patterns! Click ...or highlight then paste the following link into your search and check her out today! There is no time to waste!

If this doesn't bring a smile to your face...I don't know what will! LOL

Friday, June 20, 2008

There is an Ole Farm House Gathering Challenge coming to Etsy June 25th!

Good morning readers! I just wanted to take this time to invite all of you to come see the great items that will be part of a patriotic challenge on Etsy on June 25th! (This challenge is happening involving the Olde Farmhouse Gathering team and can be found by putting OFG Team into your search on the Etsy site.) I also wanted to show you what I am entering into this challenge and will have up for sale starting Wed. June 25th. Just above are three pictures of my Americana Collector Doll! She has been made to hang or to sit and would be a wonderful doll to bring into any primitive home that also is a great fan of Americana items. (This doll was one that was designed and created by me. It is one of a kind and totally original. Copyrighted 2006 She is signed and dated by me and would be a great door hanger for he 4th of July festivities!) The Americana Collector Doll measures approximately 21" from head to toe and is carrying two of her prize items....her set of stars and her Uncle Sam shelf sitter. You can read more about her and the specifics of her make up when she is in my Etsy shop! Please feel free to check her out when she becomes available Wednesday June 25th!

I have also added another patriotic doll to my collection of dolls in Etsy and it is my doxie dog doll that is dressed up as Uncle Sam, (pictured above. This dog is a favorite with many doxie dog owners and I had not dressed one up for some time! I see now that dog owners often own outfits for their pets and love to see a replica of this dog also dressed up of the different holidays. So I'm back into the costume for doxie's business!LOL I hope you enjoy! This doll is currently available for sale on my Etsy shop and invite all of my wonderful readers to check him out!

I will be adding more items into my Etsy shop so keep your eyes open and check often for there are a number of other items that I will be selling soon!

To see my shop please click on the following link:

.....or highlight this and copy and paste it into your search.

There will be many other artists participating in this challenge so come see what they have as well! Just put OFG Team into your search when you reach the Etsy site and see what this very talented group has to offer! All the challenge items may have the words Patriotic Challenge for OFG Team or should say it in the description. I just know that you will find something that will steal your heart away! Click on link or highlight and copy and paste this link into your search!

New items listed soon so keep your eye on my blog and don't forget to sign my guestbook or just leave a comment! I always love hearing from my readers!