Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back ...and changes all around.....

Well hello! I almost forgot how to get here and to remember my Etsy name...that is another story! How has everyone been? Me I'm floating around and trying a little of this and that attempting to learn as quickly as I'm actually doing something. One thing is for sure...I have left this blog, after a long episode trying to get my blog back in the list of network blogs and now haven't made a habit of continuing my ,used to be consistant, blog posts. I am so sorry! I guess my blog life has been just about as consistant as my life and can't help but show with everything I do. If you are wondering I have left Etsy...but have left my shop there, but is no longer in business in case I change my mind and find something I can sell. I have had a shop under the name of Willowtree-Treasures in Ebay and have posted items from a wholesale company in my shop adding an occasional item from myself into the mix. Unfortunately, the companies items didn't go very well and had to give it a degree.... because of the mounting costs of putting things on and not being able to sell them enough to pay for the postings and the extra cost of having a shop. I since have have closed my shop and gone on with my own items selling primarily pregnant barbies and some antiques, collector trains and exercise sneakers, etc. I occasionally add wholesale items back in just to look like I'm still alive but isn't showing much promise. I don't believe I've touched my sewing machine in months and am starting to miss just staying busy. I've been told getting to the point of needing LONG breaks in between creating is normal for any crafting person and is normal and expected when you have done it for a good amount of time! I guess that is my problem at the moment and am busy working on home issues and helping family with issues they need help with, and sitting around just wondering what to do next. The most interesting adventure I have had up to now is finding wholesale companies and looking into what they have and learning about how other wholesale/dropship companies work. I have found some really great ones that I have been buying from like Collections Etc.....ABC Distributing...Honey and Me.....Waresitat......I have just bought a Gnome with a light from the company I have worked for and just LOVE it! I bought it to start the kickoff for the outdoor work and now can't let it go beyond the front porch because I just think it is the neatest thing I'll ever own! the light it holds actually works and runs on 2 AA batteries. How cool is that! I'm thinking about getting a second one to keep this one company before my gold membership is done with and get that one for a super price too! Now that I'm into gnomes I can't think of enough places to put them. I have also purhcased things from Amazon and have found some super deals there too. Amongst all of my wholesale companies I have repainted my home...every room...and had places where I could afford great wall decor. and home accessories to fill my home with! My kitchen is now a ROOSTER outdoors is a GNOME HANGOUT, My bedroom is a room of INSPIRATION and RELAXATION. The interior is all country inspired with the help of purchases from the wholesale sites and Ebay. Best of all we have gone from very dark colors to bright and happy colors! As you can imagine...I'm am very happy about the changes and spent some of this time just exploring how the home environment can change attitudes and help frame mental stability if you are comfortable with your surroundings makes all the difference. We are now working on the outside of our home and had a slight set back with an unexpected snowfall. We put up our gazebo, got a load of stone for the driveway, trimmed up bushes, bought solar lights for around the house, and were all set to paint and put rug down on the back porch...since now our back porch furniture is out/cleaned and set to go. There was a bit of time to undo what was done but now the more mild weather is back and we are ready to work again and get the bark down this time. Did someone say it is April? I know...don't work too quickly because you never know...the winter weather could have a return before we are all done. The following are some pictures of our home changes and additions: Bedroom inspirational wall decor>
Diningroom and new color with wall decor>
Livingroom and new color with wall decor>
Rooster kitchen with new colors and new decor>
Outdoor plant wagon and gnome>
Outdoor gnome with light>
I hope you have enjoyed listening to my changes being under construction for the past 7 months with my business and have seen some of my home changes as well! If it helps at all this is why I have been DOA as of late and hope ...once all the work is completed that not only will I feel a part of my life is completed ...but have found something out about myself in the process! Thank you for coming today and keep me in mind when you are searching for your next treasure for I will be on Ebay hopefully having that special something that you will want to make your own! Until next time!

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Etsy Shop is Nearly Closed!

I feel sadness and I am currently closing my Etsy shop. I didn't expect to feel such a loss but life must move on as new opportunities have not been investigated. I will miss doing just my handmades but need a time to see what adding all my jobs, of late, combined can do due to my husband's new long hours. On weekends my husband participates in packaging and sending out the sale items and during the week I carry on the "business" on my own and list, answer questions, and record information that will be helpful for tax time issues. What am I talking about? My new Ebay shop. I have moved my handmades, smaller antique items and wholesale/dropship company items that include home decor. and more items. I plan on adding more categories of interest such as crafter needfuls, my own home items as well. I invite you all to take a look and watch the changes as my Willowtree-Treasures Shop grows and hope that you'll like the changes. Please stop by and take a peek!

Ebay Link:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!

To all my readers, and/or customers, may your holidays be filled with love, warmth and happiness this season! Enjoy this special time being with friends and family and celebrating in the true meaning of this holiday!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Winners of my Giveaway Ornaments are Being Announced!

I have gone ahead and picked the winners of my giveaway since it it pretty close the end of the giveaway....and would be proud to announce the winners right now so that I can get addresses and get these ornaments out to the winners this week so they can have them to enjoy and put up now with the rest of there Christmas items! The winners of a snowflake ornaments are Bridgette Hostrander Leske-Heed, Bebe Priddy Yeary and Brandon Payne, I congratulate the winners and wish you a happy holiday and for the people that didn't win...I wish I had more snowflakes to give out but do appreciate you taking part in my giveaway. Actually, I appreciate you all taking part in my giveaway and hope ALL of you have the most joyous of holidays. Now I will contact each of the winners and congratulate them on their win! Thanks so much!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm having a buy one item, get a second item of equal or lesser value, for FREE SALE!
Come into my Etsy shop today and buy as much as you want and just contact me when you make your purchase what your free choice is and it will be packed up with your purchased item. No worries , no extra hidden fees. What is better than that? Christmas is around the corner and what better way to get a fantastic deal! Come in and SAVE!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Ebay Store 10% off Sale is in Full Swing!

Good morning readers! We are that much closer to Thanksgiving! It is almost time to sit down to that delicious meal with turkey, potatoes, salads, breads and pumpkin pie! Must be time just goes by more quickly the older you get! I don't know how we even got to looking upon Christmas already! We do have an addition to our family this year. My niece has had her baby, Ada Mae which was supposed to arrive on Thanksgiving but came earlier than we anticipated, and have this little package for our Thanksgiving thanks this year! There is nothing like a little one to bring about the holiday spirit when the holidays have seemed to have lost their magic! I just would like to say...congrats Ashley and Stephen on your new status of mom and dad! This is a particularly wonderful holiday for the both of you!

Well back to what I came here for. I stayed up this morning with my Ebay shop and waited, just as if I was bringing in the New Year, waiting for my Markdown Manager to begin. Sure enough the strike of 5am this morning...the sale signs were posted and all the fixed price items were marked down 10%.(The items that started out at 10% and went off early were the ones that were free shipping and handling and were very low to start with. The rest are staying on for the full time of the Fri-Mon celebration.) What a magical thing it was to see this as it was happening. Frankly, having this being my first time to use this feature I was scared to death something would go wrong. It didn't though and now my Ebay sale has begun and will continue until Nov. 28th. I still haven't had a sale for opening my shop and will plan this some time after the holidays!

Etsy's 20% off sale is in full swing and my ebay 10% off sale has begun and the giveaway is still in the waiting period to see if anyone else would like to win one of the beautiful Christmas ornaments, do the three steps and enter if you so choose.(The winner will be announced Dec. 14th.)
There is alot going on between Times of old creations and Willowtree-Treasures and invite all of you to checkout my shops and look at the ornaments. I hope all of YOU have a wonderful holiday and I'll see you after the holidays!




Monday, November 21, 2011

My Giveaway for Now until Dec 14th have Arrived!

I promised you a picture of the giveaway that I am having. They have arrived to my home this weekend and I wanted to get you a picture of the ones that the winners will win. There will be three winners and there are three prizes so here they are so you can get a clearer look of what you are trying for! This is just one thing that my wholesale/dropship company sells on their site and because this is to kick off my new Ebay store...Willowtree-Treausures...home decor. and more.. shop! I got these items quickly ...just days from the date I ordered it and were in fine shape. These decorations are not short on shiney/glittery/glitzy! They would be beautiful to hang up anywhere to add to your Christmas decor. Just follow the three requests below, in the post having to do with the giveaway, and your name will go in to win one of these beautiful ornaments! Good luck to all!

Ebay Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!

Good morning readers! Just to give you a heads up! I'll be having a sale in my Ebay store ...Willowtree-Treasures....starting early this Tuesday Nov. 22- Monday Nov. 28th in the p.m. 10% discount will be given on all fixed priced items so now you have two sales to attend for savings....My Ebay, (going on from Tuesday Nov. 22nd until Monday Nov. 28h), and my Etsy 20%,(going on now until Nov. 25th.)The links are below and have a fantastic holiday! Enjoy your family and friends and remember to be thankful and share this appreciation with all the people around you! Below are my links to take you to the shops and sales! Have fun all!
(Ebay is having one day to get double EBAY Monday Nov. 21st I tried to move my sale to this date but the system wouldn't allow for that so had to start it tomorrow! Truly blew me out of the water that this couldn't be done and apologize for finding out later than anticipated!)
SHOOT! Ebay won't let me start the sale until tomorrow!Expect a 10% discount tomorrow then....



P.S. I also got the giveaways that will be involved next month and will get a picture of them so that you can see them in real-time with a colored background here today and get them posted so you can get a better picture of what is being given away on Dec. 14th. There is still time to put in to try to win one of these neat, glittery ornaments if you so choose. Just follow the three requests in my post about the giveaway and your name will be entered to win! Thanks so much!