Thursday, September 30, 2010

Change of Plans.......

Good morning everyone! Due to continued sales going on in my shop I will continue stay open until November 1st with my current offerings. I still have too much inventory left and would love to make sure as much of what I have finds a home as possible. I know that I am closing during the busiest time of year and may now
start working on new projects and get them into the store and not close
at all until the "busy time" is over and take a break in June of this
next year. Don't worry I will get my act together ...after all this was the purpose of this time away! Not to create havoc in my life and yours! Have a great day all and keep posted and new things coming out and getting ready to restock with some new things in my shop happening sooner than expected! Have a wonderful day all and I hope you aren't in the path of the rain storm! Wear your high boots!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My VERY first Patchwork Quilt is Done!

Good morning everyone! How are you doing today? I hope everyone if feeling fine and jumping for joy to see today off in grand fashion! I said that I wouldn't be able to slow down much this weekend and that was exactly the case! Do I know myself or not? Well I got my first patchwork quilt and pillow done and came back with pictures to show you! Honestly, I would love to know what you think! I hope to get better and more time efficient as I continue to make these and get better as it as I go be aware that this is my first attempt at trying ....even a pillow,(not to mention a patchwork pillow and there were no instructions on how to make boarders or how to put on a back. (I believe my general knowledge of sewing helped me figure this out with success even though my husband protested my "right sides together" rule also stands for the back...but don't forget the slit to turn it right side OUT when all done sewing or you just wasted a whole bunch of time LOL! I ended up putting white flannel as the back to make this a snuggly cover and didn't want to sew a middle down the back of the throw and flannel has a larger measurement so that didn't need to be done.

Ok so here are is the description of this item. It measures 45"wide x about 55"long and the pillow measures 23 1/2" x23 1/2". It is made of cotton fabrics for the patchwork and boarder materials and has a while flannel back. Looks like it could stand another ironing but layed out pretty nicely and does very well laying over the back of a couch or chair, could be a sizable lap cover, and would do very well in a baby crib. Here is my newest skill that I have been working on last week and this weekend. Please let me know what you think, what could be improved, what should have been changed and just generally if you think I show the skill to pursue this! Thanks so much this will help me identify what I need to work on or what I'm doing right!

Thank you for being part of this experience with me and viewing my first attempt at trying the life of a quilter/pillow maker! It has been exciting trying this and hope to make smaller/larger items as well! I would say any type of sewing will always help you with any project you take on and can only make you better and stronger at the skill at hand! I hope to investigate other types of sewing as well and am glad that I did!Confusious Deb Says: There is a time when you have done something so long , it seems like a safe zone and you just feel comfortable with the same old thing that you know when it is time to venture out and start investigating what is around you! If you have the desire go for it! The worst that can happen is that you just find that it isn't as great as you thought it would be...or you may not end up liking it! You won't know until you try! Have a wonderful day! Now for a fortune cookie!LOL

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Chance To Stock for Christmas .....

Good morning all! How have you been? I hope everyone is doing fine! I just wanted to take this time to remind you that my sale is continuing on Etsy and will be around for about another week! I have just reduced, my already low prices and did it one last time for anyone that would like to purchase something from my shop I do urge you to do so soon for I plan to have my shelves unstocked, and my shop dormant ,in about another week making it October 2nd! I said I needed: 1) a much needed break from the hectic life I have been living 2) a fair amount of time to regroup and learn some new skills 3) to clean out my shop and bring in a fresh inventory 4) come back refreshed and hopefully have a new plan to meet my customer's needs. I will continue my blog when I have announcements of new happenings, my progress and to just check in with my not to fear I will be in touch with you to let you know as things are happening and tell you the latest news concerning how things are going.

Well so far my relaxation has consisted of trying a quilt and have one done that will measure 30"x 40" ,which is not that large but is good for a first timer. I will come back with pictures to show you what I've been doing! I'd like to try another of the same style, but bigger, and give a quilt pillow a try. (So much for kicking up my heels and resting! Makes me wonder if I even know what doing that is all about!) Now that I see that this skill doesn't involve time travel, jumping from heights, or eating intestines I see that this dream of being able to quilt is possible and plan to get something that I will do and put aside to put into my "tweeked" Etsy shop! I have some great patterns for dolls I would love to try and may see about making wreaths. First comes some much needed R&R! I just wanted to let you know that I'm still around and not letting the skills I have grow mold and rot!

Well why was I here in the first place?LOL Ohhh that's right....Come see my shop today and enjoy my last week with Etsy! Thank you to all that have made purchases! You have all been so GREAT! I hope you are enjoying your creations and they have filled Christmas gifts, are selling as inventory in your businesses, or are just pleasing to look at in a corner of your home and make you smile every time you pass by! If you want to purchase more I have downed my prices on almost everything in my shop and you can even save more if you buy within the next week! Have a great day everyone and thanks for coming in and reading my post!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Ok...What is going on with my Business?

Hello everyone! How are you today? It is getting a chill in the air here in Pa and the feel for Fall is definitely here now! I can hardly believe that Sept. is half over!

First of all I would like to thank all of my followers, from facebook to twitter and my devoted readers. My lovely/supportive artistic friends that I have gotten to know through my Ebay and Etsy groups and my wonderful customers during this time of working on "closing" my Etsy shop! I can't thank you enough! I promised that I would explain myself so people will know what is going on and what my plans are for the future.

What prompted me to work on closing my shop in the beginning was the lack of time for creation. Not being able to come out with new items has sent me into a panic and find it nothing short of frustrating that this isn't possible! It has gone on all Spring and Summer and now it is Fall and time seems to be something that I seriously am lacking right now. I thought a break could let me refresh and regroup to come up with new ideas and expand my skills. One skill that I have been wanting to learn was how to make a rag quilt and bags. I thought about this for about a year now ...but need time to work on some projects so that I can study how this is done. I would also like to look into making wall quilts, table runners, placemats and pillows. This is going to take some time to study and then practice this to be able to create things that people would be interested in. To say that I will not be creating any dolls, ornies, lamps or items that I have been known to sell on Etsy I would be fooling myself! I would just wish to get rid of my current inventory and bring in new items. These were skills that I taught myself to do about 10 or more years ago and will never lose my interest or passion to continue this line of art!

To say that I officially will be "closing" my shop in Etsy ....never to return...would be not the actual happening! I plan to take an extended break to get myself together, learn some new skills and hopefully I'll be back with more to offer customers! My banner will stay where it is, my heartings will not be touched and all the information about my shop will not move! I will leave an openning announcement when I get ready to stock my shelves again and reopen. I will also post it here and keep in touch with the people that are interested in what I will have to offer.

Please be patient with me as I take on a new journey! I will make posts here as something interesting happens or ...I've finished a new skill and made something of interest! I will also post it on facebook and twitter. For now I will be keeping up the posts on facebook of new arrivals at the Red Rose Co-op store and keep you informed what is going on there! Keep smiling all and I shall see you again!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Attention Reader's and Store Owners...

Good morning all! I have been running a mile a minute this spring and summer and yet nothing seems to get any better for time to create and spend time with my OFG Team! I am just livid that all of this time has been spent on everything and everyone else and now I've got the antique shop in the mix that just adds to my responsibilities! I can't be true to the artistic group I've joined and most of all have no time to work on new creations. I am extemely sorry to say have decided to work on closing my Etsy shop and concentrate on the antique store I have joined and am currently having a Slash the Price of Already reduced items. These prices would be GREAT for any store owner that would like to add something to their shop and is at wholesale prices or you can finally purchase those items you have had your eyes on and just have been waiting for prices to be reduced to be easier on your wallet! Well now is your chance to buy, buy ,buy!

I have already reduced the prices, DRASTICALLY! The purchaser must pay for shipping and handling which accounts for savings when buying multible items! International sales are welcome but must contact me for shipping and handling costs before purchasing! Thank you!

Look at my policies if you are interested in purchasing insurance coverage, and/or delivery confirmation. I will gladly add this to an invoice if you would like these purchased.

Tax will be included to cover all sales done for Pennsylvania residence,6%, at checkout and thank you to all that end up doing business with me! Have a great day and Enjoy your shopping experience!

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