Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Winner of my Annie and Andy Lamp Is.......

Good morning all! How are you all this morning? Finally the day is here to pick the winner of my Annie and Andy lamp giveaway and I wanted to explain my system to you so that anyone that would like to use this system can do so since it can be used over and over and may be need to be modified due to the change of number of participants.

Ok...this is very simple and doesn't take a mad scientist to put together. The supplies needed include a fine tip pen from a pen that will not smudge, a number of earplugs that will represent each person that has signed up for the giveaway, a bowl with a lid, a piece of paper and writing utensil.

1)What you do is make a copy of the list of participants for your giveaway and replace each name with a number in sequence. 1...2....3....and so on.

2)Next you take each earplug and write these numbers on the plug.(I wrote the numbers on both ends.)Each plug will represent that corresponding number/person on your list

3)Once finished place all plugs in a bowl with a lid and have them lay flat inside the bowl.

4) Give a great shake and reach in with a blindfold on ...or with closed eyes and pull out one plug and this is your winner!

This great thing about this method is because the earplugs can be used over and over and just the list will need to be replaced and renumbered for your new giveaways!

All the plugs are the same size and have the same texture so there is NO WAY you can tell who's number goes to what plug until it is checked! I'm sure many of you have thought of this method already ....or may have been doing simular for the giveaways you have already have been having. If you have been doing the name in the hat...well is her another option you may want to consider for a future giveaway!

Now onto the naming of the winner.....I bounced the plugs in there pretty darn good and reached in to find the winning number. When I pulled out the winning plug and read the number I thought I'd get a picture of the winning number and put that with that number/person on my signup list to get a here it is.....the winning number is 9 and Yorkie''s Primitive is the winner of my Andy and Annie Doll Lamp giveaway! Many congatulations to you and I will send you a private message of congrats and to get your information of where to send your prize!

A HUGE thank you goes to all that signed up for this giveaway. I wish I had something for all of you! Don't worry I will have more giveaways as time allows and so keep posted and I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Friday, January 22, 2010

What another obsession?!

Good morning readers! I have been up early and watching the videos of my newest obsession...Adam Lambert! How did I manage to let this young hunk pass my notice up until now. I have seen him on tv and never really knew where he came from. I never truly noticed him until he did an recent interview, and performance, on Oprah. and was immediately taken with this cutting edge performance! When thinking back I remember thinking now there is a odd fellow. ....a true rock and roller for sure! Maybe into heavy metal as far as I knew. His dark hair, makeup , over the top hair style, out of the norm clothing...yet eyes that can't be missed he certainly wasn't something I could get into...or even like. That just goes to say how people, in general, judge others because of their appearance and won't wait around to see what is behind the veil that hides the soul, mind and God's gifts that aren't readily seen.

I watched the Oprah show and was so impressed with this young mans abilities, was intrigued by his look and loved the wisdom Adam had to show about what has happened to him on American Idol and his developing stardom! I certainly missed a good season when he was competing...and sorry to say he came in second once the season came to a close. The hook was his performance of "What do you want from me" from his newest album. His commanded the stage and had a stage presence that was overwhelming! I've been searching for more videos on line and seeing that this, rising star, is someone that has become my newest obsession.I love to listen to his music ...but the magic of Adam is truly in his performance ablilities. Having done a number of onstage musicals Adam is more than just music. Part of expereiencing Adam is to see him in video. His talent goes far beyond a wonderful voice, a totally unique style and his command of the stage he possess! I'm sure as he gets further in his career he will go far and will continue to follow his upcoming albums...and possibly movies. Here is one of his latest songs that is on the new movie 2012...."Time for Miracles."

(Please be aware that my giveaway, the Andy and Annie Valentine's Lamp" is now on the second page. Just hit older posts and it should be right to at the top of lists of posts. It will be over on Jan. 28th so if you want to still signup for a possibility to win this great prize just go to older posts at the bottom of this page!)

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Easter Doll just listed on my Etsy!

Hello everyone! I just listed a new doll set that is to begin my Easter doll kickoff! I have just listed a exteme primitive bunny set that are super for lovers of more than beyond prim! Come in today and take a look. I have now hit 100 items in my shop and there is plenty to look at and many home decorations just waiting to meet your decorating needs! More is to come so keep watching! Hope you enjoy! (Scroll down the posts and hit the giveaways that are being hosted by the OFG team and others. I have a Raggedy Annie and Andy doll Lamp that is up for a giveaway. Check them all out and put your name in. There is nothing like quality work won at one of these wonderful giveaways! Best of luck to you in all of them!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Last Three Valentine's Girls have been listed on my ETSY!

Hello all! I just wanted to let you know that the last of the Primitive sisters have been listed on my Etsy shop. There is Joanna, Suzanne and Nicole . Please welcome the newbies and I hope you find one...or a few of these little darlings that you find you just can't live without! Go see them today! They would be a superb addition to your Valentine's Day decor....or would be just what a Raggedy Annie collector has been waiting for! Enjoy!




Again, to the left you will find the links to send you to where my items can be found...happy Valentine's Day shopping! Scroll down and look at all the giveaways that the OFG team and others are having. Put your name in you could win any of these great items. I am having the Raggedy Annie and Andy Lamp giveaway. Put you name in today and you just may be seeing this cute lamp in your home! It all can be found on this page!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sweet Meadows Farm is having a giveaway!

Sweet Meadows Farm is having a giveaway! See her blog for details! This cute little girl is what she will be giving a way to the winner! Isn't she just adorable?

Her Link;

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Additions have been added to My Etsy Shop!

Hello all! I just got my 5 Annie dolls finished and have posted the first two on Etsy today! She has friends so expect the other 3 to be listed very soon. I hope you enjoy these to start. They came from a pattern from one of my all time favorite in doll creators.....Julie G. of My Raggedy Dolls! I hope you enjoy them! Be watching for their sisters for they will be posted very soon.....



Saturday, January 9, 2010

Harvest Moon Primitives is having a giveaway!

Marilyn, from the OFG TEAM, is having a wonderful giveaway. It is a beautiful Valentine's hanger that is to die for. Go in and try for would grace any home!


The Primitive Peddler is having a giveaway!

The Primitive Peddler is having a Friday Freebie giveaway that involves a beautiful candle made by another OFG member....Irish Rose Creations.

I am crazy about candles and invite all of you to go to the Primitive Peddler to sign up!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Irish Rose Creations is having a giveaway!

Kimberly, a member of OFG, is having a giveaway of a beautifully crochet doiley with hearts. It is absolutely beautiful!

Take a look at what she has and add your name!

Irish Corkie Prims is Also Having a Giveaway!

Amy, a member of the OFG Team, is also having a wonderful giveaway!

Her beautiful sign will go to the lucky winner. Go check it out!

The Olde Cupboard Door is having a Giveaway too!

Willa , of OFG, is also having a great giveaway! Visit her blog and put your name in to win this adorable gingerbread girl.

Go put your name in! Her ginger is cute as a button!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A give a way has arrived and just in time for Valentine's Day!


Hello everyone! How are all my readers doing since my last post a few hours ago? LOL Didn't give you much time to relax, get something to eat, do something that you've wanted to get done today or even talk on the phone for too long! I'm sorry about that! I promise I will only take a short moment of your time. I am here again...but this time I am posting about a give a way that I am having as of today! My give a way involves a Valentine's Annie and Andy lamp that is so lovely and romantic to add to any small area in your home that needs a little light...or just needs a point of interest. The specifics of the lamp is as follows:

The bucket measures approximately 7 inches in diameter and its overall height measures about 13 inches . It contains a silicone 2 watt light bulb. The lamp has a cord that measures 5 1/2 feet long with an off and on switch. This lamp includes a lightly grunged/ handmade raggedy Annie and Andy, a multi-colored heart that Anne is holding and two grunged larger red/white hearts in the back. Both Raggedy
Annie and Andy are made of muslin, have embroidered noses of red and mouths, eyebrows and eyelashes of black and black button eyes. They share the typical red hair, that these two adorable characters share and is made of red yarn. Anne has a red/ lighter read dress with on with a bow that matches the shirt that Andy has on in her hair...while Andy has a matching red/ white checkered shirt on. They are surrounded by various greenery that would be just beautiful on a hutch or on a table. The bucket was heavily rusted but has a white bow adorning its middle that gives it a primitive or vintage feel! The theme of this lamp would be a wonderful addition to any collector of Raggedy Annie and Andy or love Americana items... or are simply into dolls and their influence.

(retail value: $24.99)

1)To enter into my give a way all you have to do is post a comment and then post this give a way in your blog along with a link to my shop for your entry.

2) Just make sure,when you are signing up to enter to win that I am left with an email addy, or some way to contact you once the winner is drawn. PLEASE...Pretty Please! I don't want you to not get notified because I don't have an addy to get back to you! Thanks *wink*

My give a way will start today, Thursday Jan. 7th, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday January the 28th. I will announce it here and contact you by the address you have left me. Have fun and I wish you all luck!

Come visit my friends from the OFG TEAM's Shops!

Hello readers! Just to let you know that I am slowly adding some Mini Etsy shops ,along the left hand side of your screen, that are owned by my fellow members of the OFG Team! This team is a truly talented group of men and women that excel in their chosen crafts . Their talents range from primitive to shabby chic and would grace any home and will be treasured forever! The group has made the handmade pledge that believes that nothing is like made by the heart and done by hand. You can be guaranteed of quality when you buy from any of these sellers/creators and make them available to buyers on the Etsy circuit! Spend sometime and visit their shops and see what they have available! The variety is vast and the talent is above and beyond what can be bought manufactured! Have fun, tell your friends, and enjoy your visits! There are more shops to list and I will be doing them a few at a time so be watching! Until next post....take care!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Ebay I go.........

I haven't done this forever! I have just listed five items on Ebay and just got them started last night. They have an auction length of 7 days so hurry and see what I have listed. I sell worldwide come matter where you reside and buy these items from my Ebay sales! You can find a link to My Ebay by looking to your left and seeing the links of where my items can be found! It has been a very long time...but I do like some of the changes Ebay has made to make listing easier for the seller!

Willowtree-Treaures Ebay Auctions Link;