Friday, July 29, 2011

I've just joined a New Etsy Group and would like to Introduce you PAFA Etsy Team!

Good morning readers! I am here today to update you all on my latest news! I have just joined a new Etsy team and would like you to get familiar with the initials to use when searching for some of the best primitive-wares found on the Etsy web! This group is: "Primitive and Folk Artists." The member's creations can be found by putting PAFA in your search when looking for these handmades. You'll find everything from wooden goodies to painted beauties that just can not be left behind! These artists are some of the most talented group of people that I've had a pleasure to be a part of and invite you to see some of their works by simply placing PAFA or pafa team and seeing some of these very talented artists work of art!

Currently, this team is having a "Christmas in July" celebration and HAVE to take a look at all that is available. I know it SEEMS far off until Christmas is here...but in reality it will be here before you know it and you can be ready NOW! So why wait? You can beat the holiday crowds in the process and get fantastic holiday gifts now! Better yet they are all handmade and have the heart, and special touch, of every artist, infused in every piece! PRICELESS! Imagine spending Christmas time attending to other duties!

I have just begun my membership and am getting things in order to take part in this group in a strong/positive way. As time transpires I will frequently be adding shops of members, inform of celebrations, and provide links to send you to this group for ease of searching and invite you to follow my fellow members as well. Enjoy your journey and I hope you find many items that you want to make your own!

PAFA Etsy Team

Etsy Link and put PAFA in your search:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello Readers....Here are a few New Additions to my Etsy shop!

Hello readers! I hope that you have been having an amazing summer and your July 4th celebration was the best! I just wanted to let you know that I have put a few new things into my Etsy shop and are eager to get reactions to some of my new additions. I have a set of topiary accessories. Each has been made out of different materials for the ball section of these roses, dried rose heads and potpourri are examples. They all have a distinct fragrance and would be a great centerpiece for any wedding, birthday or baby shower. I also have listed two new Annie dolls....a nurse with bear patient Annie and a Annie and Hoot Owl doll. I hope you enjoy them and be looking for more new additions soon!

One of the newest interests I have is looking into making stuffed owls and adding them eventually to the mixture of items that I will be making available to potential purchasers.I also have been rolling around the idea of assorted pincushions and hair accessories for all ages. My mind is always working and rolling over ideas in my head and now just need to teach myself how! Time will only tell how far I'll get but am hoping to come up with some new items/skills soon to make available.

Enjoy the rest of your summer... for school will begin soon! I know...bite my tongue!LOL I hope to talk to you again soon and have something new to show ,or tell you about!