Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've added to my Holiday Celebration list in the OFG Team activity!

Good morning everyone! I will be adding to my list of items that I will enter into the Holiday Celebration category on Etsy, for the OFG Team. I want to show you before she it due to be posted for sale and is not currently in my Etsy shop until around October 1st. Her name is Ginger and she is carrying a little glittered gingerbread ornie ...or bowlfiller. She turned out GREAT and is , believe it or not another pattern from Chestnut Junction. Actually, it is the same pattern that I used to make my Fall Celebration doll called " Primitive Autumn Fall Glittered Celebration Doll" and a picture is of her below in a former post! She really made a change from the last doll to this one but I was in the process of working on this doll before I knew it she turned into a Gingerbread Gal! Isn't she cute? Her gingerman ornie comes from a Threadbare Primitives patterned that has glitter added to make him add shimmer and shine to the "look" of the entire doll pair! If Gingers hands are separated you will see a thread ring that can allow him to hang if you want this addition for your Christmas tree or just to set in a bowl to admire. Leave him where he is..and he will forever be Ginger's heartfelt friend and pride and joy. The choice is yours for the displaying possiblilities! Please remember she will not be added until Oct 1st and I with post it here when she becomes available! The three items below that I have already posted to be part of this activity can be found below! I hope you have enjoyed hearing the news before it happens so that you can be one of the first to take a look at these great creations! ENJOY!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The OFG Fall Celebration is now on! New item listed on the OSPG Online Website!

Good morning all! I just wanted to let you know that the Olde Farmhouse Gathering Team has its Fall Celebration now listed and you can view any and all items that are participating in this very special event by putting Fall Celebration OFG in your search on the main page of Etsy or view the team blog for information concerning this event....



Be looking for treasuries in members blogs, etsy or anywhere else that has anything to do with the OFG team. It is very exciting to see all the wonderful crafts that this group is coming out with and I promise you that it will be a wonderful experience! You may just find that an item that will top off your Fall home decorating activity. Go in and visit the crafters shops for they are all very talented men and women and have many things to offer!


I have entered my Primitive Fall Autumn Angel Doll and invite all of you to take a look at her and read about her specifics. She is a real cutie and would be a pure joy for any doll collector! She is now posted and ready for someone to give her a loving warm home. Fall is a beautiful time of the year with changing fall leaf colors and the earthy tones of the scenery! Just the colors of these Fall items are appealing and add so much to a home to add warmth and a feeling of being welcome! Anything you'll find in this celebration will be a "find" and be lovely in your home!

I have also listed my first Primitive "Witchie Poo the Good Witch Doll" on the OPSG Online Marketplace. (Olde Primitive Sister's Online Marketplace) and is available for sale. Please visit the wonderful items from the most talented artists on this website and read the specifics about Witchie Poo. ....




Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New arrival/ New items in Etsy! Come See!

Hello everyone! It is another beautifully sunny and hot day today and it got me inspired to look up new items that I would be able to create to offer to any customers that may be interested in something new and different.

First of all the new arrivals that I've just posted in Etsy is two sets of hang tags. One are (6) Primitive Scarecrow Halloween hang tag and the other is (4) Shabby Chic, Altered Art, Child Fairies hang tag. The graphic artist that created the Scarecrow tag is Seneca Pond Crafts. (Her shop can be seen by going to the following link:

She has many great graphics for sale and many that are under the "free" category. I loved everything I saw and actually got a new idea that I will be offering in my shops and that is candlelights with a homemade shade that come from one of the graphics she offers. I have to admit this lamp is a beautiful one and she has so many ideas of what to do with the graphics she creates I'm sure I'll be into something else before I'm all done!

The other tag is an altered art child fairies collection and have been given that "oldie but goodie" appeal! Please come into my shop and take a look at them and read about the specifics. If you are looking for something that can adorn your own craft ...or just want something for decoration...these are well worth being looked at!

To view my shop to see these new items just click on the following link or copy and paste it into your search! ENJOY! (Both of these items are currently on sale! Please come and see their new price!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank you for this wonderful award!

I just found out that I have recieved a wonderful award from a very talented multimedia collage artist....Winterberry Creek, better known as Amy Mosher!! To see her site to take a look at her most beautiful blog.... Thank you so much Amy for this honor! From a master of crafting and creation of her wonderful blog this is quite and honor!

The rules for receiving this award are:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

Now the people that I would like to forward this honor on to would include the next 7 nominees.

1. Kelly owner of Once in a Blue Moon Prims......
She is the master of everything primitive / a wonderful leader & dear friend! Leader of the Olde Primitive Sister's Group!

2.Linda owner of Linda Pinda Designs.....
A wonderful master of online graphics and fantastic templates!

3. Kimmie owner of Olde Lavendar Prims....
A wonderful doll creator and crafter!

4. Bebe owner of Rants by Bebe.....
Another master of online graphics and doll creations!

5. Mary owner of Sew dear to me.......
An amazing doll creator and master of online graphics!

6. Chris owner of Homespun Crafts and leader of American Folkart & Primitives Mercantile.....
A very talented crafter and leader!

7. Leslie owner of Primitives by the Hollow.......
A wonderful crafter and doll designer!

Go take a look at all of these wonderful artists blogs and Enjoy! Please be aware nominees that this honor has to move forward sending it back!LOL Have fun!

Upcoming Events... Down on the Farm with Olde Farmhouse Gathering!

Primitive Autumn Fall Glittered Celebration Doll

Good morning all! Alot is happening in my OFG Team events and I am here today to give you a short preview! Keep note of the upcoming events for there is alot planned and soo little time to get ready! The first event is called a "Fall Celebration" and will be happening Aug 1st through Oct 30th. The treasury for this particular event will be up during this time and my doll that I have entered is called Autumn and is a cute little gal that is holding a pumpkin. She will be available very soon in my Etsy shop so keep watch! She could be considered the Fall angel and has glittered wings and her pumpkin is also glittered to make them shimmer and shine.

Primitive Halloween Witch Doxie/Dashund Dog Doll

Primitive Halloween Annie"Witchie Poo" the GOOD Witch Doll

The second event is called "Halloween Spook Fest" and is done in the spirit of Halloween. The Treasury for this event will be up for viewing pleasure on Oct 1st through Oct 30th and these two dolls will be available around this time when the treasury is up and available for all to see!
The doxie is dressed up in fall attire but gives the impression of being a witch with her hat and cape and the little Witchie Poo Witch doll is just too cute with her black boots, that have been laced and her adorable attire and that very noticeable ORANGE hair that just makes her the cutest witch around!

(3) Primitive Snowman/Candycane Christmas Bowlfillers
Primive Christmas Holliberri and her mouse with cheese doll

Primitive Chrismas Snowgal and her Raggedy Annie in a bag Doll

The third event is called the "Holiday Celebration" and will involve any items that would fall under Thanksgiving or Christmas as a theme. I have three items that I will have put in the Treasury that will be available for your viewing pleasure starting Oct 1st through Dec. 24th. I will be listing the rest of them later today and will be available at the time of this particular treasury availablity...... for purchase! Now they are for your viewing pleasure and hope you enjoy! Please refer to the dates of the treasuries to get an idea when each item will be up for sale in my Etsy store! Thanks for taking a peek and please come back and see what else is happening with Willowtree Treasures!

Please come in to Etsy and see what I currently have for sale in my shop and if you see something here that catches your eye...keep watch for they will be posted for sale at the times of the treasuries!

Thank you for coming and enjoy your experience! Go to the following link to see the items in my shop!

(What is a treasury? A treasury is a collection of 12 items from different shops that best illustrate a certain "theme" and compliment each other ,in some way, to make it appealing to the people that are doing the viewing. When clicking into the treasury to view the different items you visit each shop. Items that get a number of clicks can bring notice of your shop and possibly create business for the ones that are featured. You can find the treasury by going to the following , group blog, and could be listed on the front page of Etsy!) I'm sure that by putting OFG Fall Celebration, OFG Halloween Spook Fest, or OFG Holiday Celebration in the participating member's titles so that you will be able to see all the items that the members have included in these activities. These can be viewed during the dates listed of the treasuries being listed!




Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another addition to Olde Primitive Sisters Online Marketplace and my Etsy shop!

Good morning everyone! I have a new arrival in both the OPSG Online Marketplace and also have listed them in my Etsy shop. They are a Halloween Witch and her black cat doll set and are ready to head off the Halloween season! Both of the dolls, although have some slight differences , are very much the same with normal differences from just making each separately. Please come into both of these sites to read about them and start thinking Halloween for October is only a stone throw away! Frankly where did June go?LOL Halloween ends up being a very busy time for crafters and I'll be adding more Halloween items as time passes! So keep watch and have a super day all!

My etsy shop:

Olde Primitive Sisters Group Online Marketplace:

... click to view or copy and paste these links into your search!