Friday, August 26, 2011


The Fall Celebration with the PAFA Team will be taking place this Sunday Aug. 28th and will end Sept. 17th. The code to search when looking for creations for this celebration is "STTPP" Put thse letters in your search to find the items that the group have been working on for this special event. Also there will be a Fall Giveaway and both events can be found to right below this post! You can click on both to read about what is being given away and about the Fall Celebration its self! Come and visit Etsy and take part in the giveaway! There are alot of talented members in this team and any win would be a good one! Have fun!

Again, search STTPP and find all the member's items that will be involved in the Fall celebration for the PAFA Team in Etsy!

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PAFA Fall Celebration:

Also I have added 5 infinity scarves into my shop and one cabbage rose pin for you viewing. Come take a look at what new I have added and my 10 Fall items will be added on to the top of the lot, totaling 10 creations so alot will be there for viewing as of this Sunday! Enjoy!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Be Careful What you Wish For!

I just a quick note: I bought some polyester blend fabric yesterday and completed 4-6 Infinity Scarves this morning! I will be posting these soon, along with the remainder of my teacup pincushions, and will be my lining my shop shelves within the next few days. Be watching my shop for these incoming goodies! Have a great day!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Letting You Know of Something New that I will Be Working On!

Good evening readers! I just thought of this idea because I have just became aware of a new scarf that is taking the fashion shops by storm! I have just noticed a new type of scarf out on the market and I am personally taking a liking to these new arrivals....they are called Infinity Scarves! These are long tube type scarves that are intending to be wrapped around your neck 1-3 times and can be worn even at work and will not interfere with your work, or get caught in machinery! You are beginning to see them EVERYWHERE and frankly I LOVE them! I don't have one myself...but am looking into making some of these trendy scarves to be a new project that I will be tackling soon and will add them into my shop once I get the first few completed. These are very attractive and versitile extra long scarves that are made with a lightweight fabric, hardy fabric or can be knitted or crotcheted! They can be made for any temperatures and can be made for any season! Depending on how many loops you give them you can get a different look and feel to any outfit you wear. They are made to dress up or dress down and would be the accessory you need if you love to change you look on a dime! I am so excited about this new finding and will get to this just as soon as I get the fabric to complete be watching for this new addition to be added to my Etsy shop soon!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Please forgive my Mistake!

Just a quick note. I am new to the PAFA Team/Group and was not aware until recently that when looking for creations made by the artists in the Primtive and Folk Artist Etsy Team you MUST put pafa team in your search regardless of what the section of Etsy you are searching...All items, Supplies, Handmades..etc. Please take note of this when looking for items from this team! Thank you!

Teacup Pincushions have now arrived in my Etsy shop!

Good morning everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I have started listing the teacup pincushions into my Etsy shop and have more to go so keep watch. Some are rusty tin top pincushions as well but promise there will be quite a selection. Come in today and look them over...there may be one there that would look lovely on a hutch or shelf that not only is a GREAT decoration but a much needed sewer's tool! Need a gift that is not just whimsical but serves an important purpose? A teacup pincushion may be what you are looking for! Want something that is pretty to look at and can be put anywhere? How about something that not only does the job of holding your pins but sharpens them every time it is used? How about it not only keeps your pins off the floor but holds your small tools in one place while you are at work? (Well maybe the rusty tin top can't hold your items but you have to admit they do keep the needles off the floor AND sharpen your needles at the same time!) If you said yes to any, or all of these questions, go to my shop today and consider purchasing a teacup/or rusty top pincushion! Your family will thank you!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PAFA Fall Celebration to take place August 28 - September 17

Good Tuesday morning blog readers! I just wanted to inform you of an upcoming celebration that will be taking place in Etsy. The PAFA, Primitive and Folk Artist Team, will be having a Fall celebration beginning August 28 - Sept 17 and will feature ...anything and everything... that has to do with the fall season! Feel free to browse if you are in the fall mood and ready to change your decor. from summer to fall very soon. All you have to do is go to the Etsy site and put a designated set of letters in the search, that will round up everything that is to be taking place in this celebration from the PAFA members, and collect them into one large list of items. It is that simple! I do not currently have the designated letters yet....but will pass them onto you when they become available! (These letters will not be available to me until the celebration is about to I will not be able to give them to you much before Aug. 28th.) Good things happen to those that wait and this will be no different. Be watching and I will post is right here... those special letters that will find this celebration for you once I have received them myself! Thanks for your patience!

I intend to take part in this celebration and each of us can provide 10 items, I have my 10, to be part of this. I would assume the number of creations will be many so don't miss this one. I will be back and fill in the blanks for you so you too can view what these great artists have been working on! I promise you is NOT a waste of time and will a be a fall wonderland for any country, primitive, antique enthusiast out there!

I also am working on teacup pincushions and have some beautiful cup and saucer pincushions that I will be posting soon! Are you at a loss of where to put your pins? Are you tired of having your feet finding the pins that fall on the floor or sticking them in the seats of your chairs until a better place is found? Does your pet manage to find them before you do? Has your dog thought his name has changed to "Pincusion" , "Pin Holder" or "Needle Keeper"? I'll have available a number of decorative/handmade pincushions available for the sewer in your life very soon in my shop and keep your friends, family and pets safe! Be watching for this addition!

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Until later...take care and see you again soon!

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