Sunday, August 7, 2011

Letting You Know of Something New that I will Be Working On!

Good evening readers! I just thought of this idea because I have just became aware of a new scarf that is taking the fashion shops by storm! I have just noticed a new type of scarf out on the market and I am personally taking a liking to these new arrivals....they are called Infinity Scarves! These are long tube type scarves that are intending to be wrapped around your neck 1-3 times and can be worn even at work and will not interfere with your work, or get caught in machinery! You are beginning to see them EVERYWHERE and frankly I LOVE them! I don't have one myself...but am looking into making some of these trendy scarves to be a new project that I will be tackling soon and will add them into my shop once I get the first few completed. These are very attractive and versitile extra long scarves that are made with a lightweight fabric, hardy fabric or can be knitted or crotcheted! They can be made for any temperatures and can be made for any season! Depending on how many loops you give them you can get a different look and feel to any outfit you wear. They are made to dress up or dress down and would be the accessory you need if you love to change you look on a dime! I am so excited about this new finding and will get to this just as soon as I get the fabric to complete be watching for this new addition to be added to my Etsy shop soon!

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