Monday, October 31, 2011


Good morning readers! I have some news for you of something new that has been rising up and that is I've just started working with my first wholesale drop ship company and am opening up a shop on Ebay. This is a move that I have always thought about but didn't know where to go to find a company that would not only I could get my items from but also would send them to the customers as well. Well you never know how it will go until you give it a try and I guess everything happens for a reason! I am putting the creating on the sidelines for awhile and give this a spin to see if this was meant to be or not. Please come to Ebay and checkout what I have just put on. Later tonight my name will become a shop with all my items together and organized like any other shop..with a list of items I'll be carrying, policies and a store front! (Still don't know though because I've never had an Ebay store before!) Now I have my next request...please come in and see what I have available. Most of it is home decor, but I also have toys, electronics and many other categories that would make perfect gifts for the holidays! Everything else is staying put...Etsy and the antique store...but just need to give this highest priority until I see if this will go for me or not. The items are great, the company I'm working for works hard to have happy customers and provide quality items and has received an A+ rating with the BBB! Meaning this is a topnotch wholesale/dropship company that care about its customers and providing a top notch service to all! It just all feels right!



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