Monday, December 12, 2011

The Winners of my Giveaway Ornaments are Being Announced!

I have gone ahead and picked the winners of my giveaway since it it pretty close the end of the giveaway....and would be proud to announce the winners right now so that I can get addresses and get these ornaments out to the winners this week so they can have them to enjoy and put up now with the rest of there Christmas items! The winners of a snowflake ornaments are Bridgette Hostrander Leske-Heed, Bebe Priddy Yeary and Brandon Payne, I congratulate the winners and wish you a happy holiday and for the people that didn't win...I wish I had more snowflakes to give out but do appreciate you taking part in my giveaway. Actually, I appreciate you all taking part in my giveaway and hope ALL of you have the most joyous of holidays. Now I will contact each of the winners and congratulate them on their win! Thanks so much!

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Zenith said...

I love the chalkboard speech bubble and the single large letter monogram! kids wall decals