Thursday, February 21, 2008

A great tip to how to get your name out and meet other great bloggers!

Good morning all! I have been struggling with the idea of how to get the word out about my new directions with my business and how to meet very talented others that are doing the same and today I received this activity that I just thought was ideal for accomplishing this goal:

These are the RULES: Link to the person that tagged you. Which I did. Post the rules on your blog. Share 5 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog. Tag 5 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

This came from October*Moon*Primitives and is exactly the creative idea that I was looking for. (You can find your link in my list of "Favorite Links" along my side bar. Please take time to check her blog out plus sites of others listed there!

So here goes with the 5 random facts/weird facts about myself! Just don't laugh too hard is not me on the right!LOL

1. I talk in my sleep and on a regular basis and wake up my husband engaging in quite detailed converstions that I never remember the next day!

2. I have a habit of arranging my shopping cart, in a grocery store, by products such as all canned goods together, all boxed goods together, cleaning supplies together and so on and so on..... I also have a need to put them on the grocery belt that way so that all the alike items are in the same bag!

3. I have a habit of cleaning the table after I am done with a meal at a restaurant and putting all plates on top of each other, all glasses together, wrap up any paper items that we had used and placing them in one place on the table! (That has been an obsession since I have been in the 10th grade and worked at McDonalds. I often did lobby and have been a compulsive cleaner ever since!)

4. When I know that I need to get something done I will work all day ,or as long as it takes, to get it done quickly and efficiently! I tend to worry if I have the duty hanging over my head for long and start right in the moment I know it needs to be done or I tend to get anxious!

5. I am terribly afraid of heights. Although, I have gotten alot better at handling this fear. If there is another route I can take to get away from looking down from a tall mountain, bridge, or tower I will try to avoid it at all costs! Many times I can go twice the distance to get to where I'm going only after I have spent way too much time in the car to protect myself from this dreaded fear!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my dysfunctional/strange side and welcome you to share a bit about yourself that you know that no one knows about you but your mate or family may know! I just found out alot about myself and now realize how many hangups I have and what strange habits I have developed over the years! I wonder what that all has to say about me?LOL

Try this activity and see how many people you get to know and learn about them! Put them in your favorite links and you'll be suprised with how many new people you get to know! Remember to keep smiling and have fun!


Outside the Box Primitives said...

oh MY GOSH...ok, so I do the same thing at the grocery store so the stuff all ends up in the bag with alike things...weird. AND I DO THE SAME THING AT RESTAURANTS to help the bus boys clean up the table easier!! wow, *twilight zone music*
creepy.. hahahahaha...I left you a long message, then realized it was on MY BLOG NOT YOURS.. HAHAHA.. robin

Amy said...

Thanks for the tag Deb,
I really didn't have a difficult time coming up with weird facts about myself at all. Not sure exactly what that says about me! I also do the thing in the grocery store with separating my items. Guess its a sister thing! Amy :)