Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Power of Family!

It is a winter storm here in Pa. I have alot of creations to be working on. Days like today seem to be days of reflection and deep thoughts. My son just called me yesterday and said how he is watching what I have been doing on the internet. He ended up the conversation with, " Haven't you Googled yourself?" and " You are looking so professional with all that you have done!" I thought that was a funny way to put it but it is true. I have never Googled myself and "What is considered professional?"! It just struck me funny because my son now is living in Indiana, Pennsylvania and is working for an Intermediate Unit and I would have thought he would be busy going to his assignments and finding fun things to do...not sitting around thinking of his old mom and dad! Suprisingly he is in Indiana looking me up!LOL I was so touched it was almost surreal! His inspiration and interest had touched my heart and the distance between us can be very painful! We know as parents that to make it in this world it takes sending your children to other areas to find their way...and that is exactly what we had to do with him. Many times he calls us when he is heading home from his assignments and just wants to "chat." You really don't realize the impact our kids have on us when they become young adults until times such as these! The worrying about where they were at night, who they were with, and what they were doing has turned as we have passed the torch on to them. Soon comes that phone call from them saying, "So what's up?" , "What are you and dad doing this weekend?" , and "How is dad doing?" has been quoted from so recent phone calls! I guess we did a good job! He has picked a lovely girl to spend the rest of his life with and are in the process of making plans for a wedding! He has made some wonderful decisions that we rarely worry about. (As parents I don't feel that you are fully free from some worry!) We also have a wonderful grandpuppy, Hendrix, that is now part of the family through Brandon. We hold him very dear to our hearts!

Another strong support system has been from my sister. We also are close and I truly admire Amy and her talents. Amy has been a crafter for many years and started in doll creations and just recently moved to Altered Art. Everything she does is picture perfect! We are each other's biggest cheerleaders, (without the jumps), and give each other support and encouragement in the artistic roads we have chosen. I wanted to make sure to give my sister a part here in encouraging me to venture into the creation world. She can be found at ...http://winterberrycreek.etsy.com where you can see her works of art! If it wasn't for her ...I may not have tried an artistic future. We have been together in many journeys to find where we felt comfortable from an antique store, ebay and now etsy. Or interests are so simular and many times overlap it would be a wonder that we are sisters. She is one person that is my greatest confidant, friend, and am lucky enough to say she holds a very important role in my life....she is my sister! I love you Amy!

My husband has also been a strong force in keeping me going with crafts. Scott stays by my side when I go for hours to Joann's to pick through fabric. (What man in there right mind would want to do that?) He has created a beautiful new sewing room and continued it's construction until it was done. This is the most amazing fact...is Scott has sat with me and helped me stuff dolls when I've gotten overloaded with doll parts strewn throughout the room. He encourages me to pick up and go again if I hit a brick wall, to stick with it at times when I could throw in the towel, and gives me the room needed to complete a lengthy project! He is beyond amazing with his patience and is that little person on my shoulder that is saying," Comeon you can do it! Just a little longer!" He is more than a husband...he is my best work associate and friend. (Don't tell me they are one of the same!) We have refinished furniture together, sold antiques together and now craft together and I could never be more blessed in my life than to have him! I am one lucky woman!

Lastly, my parents are supporters in many ways. They stand by me with all of the health problems I have had and have read and looked at things I have made and encouraged me to continue! They have also taken a large interest in my blog and always have something encouraging to say about its content. (Although dealing with primitives, who understands primitives?) They are wonderful in their own right. They have helped me get through all the rest of life that would probably just be too much! I love them also and have been blessed with them encouraging individuality in my work with love, support, and encouragement! What would I do without them?

As you can see... there is alot more than fabric, thread and embroidery floss that goes into doing crafts and trying to make it into a business. It takes the love and support from others. I'm lucky..my "others" involves family. To do it alone is a long hard climb by yourself!

Just a closing note...I love you all and thank you from the deepest depths of my heart for being there for me and being my strong hold! This couldn't have been possible without all of you! For the rest of my wonderful readers , and customers, remember to keep smiling. At this point it may bring the temperatures up and get rid of that pesky snow!LOL

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Amy said...

What a special sis,
Thank you so much for the very kind words. Totally made my day and brought a big tear to my eye! You are special and my very best friend! Hugs, Amy