Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Spring Celebration is going on right now in Etsy!

Hello readers! I am soo very sorry that I've run a little behind on my posts and will try to get you caught up right now! The Olde Farmhouse Gathering Team , OFG, is currently having a Spring Celebration and all of the wonderful spring items can be found by putting Spring Celebration OFG in the search at Etsy! If you want to get off to a GREAT start in your home decorating for the spring season this is your chance! I have posted a few of my items in with the other members and will keep it a suprise what you will find! It just gets your imagination running doesn't it? Go in today and take a look at all the spring items that this group has been working on for this special celebration! You won't be sorry!

NOTE: We were going to have a celebration for Easter items but the two have now been combined so you will find many more items by putting OFGSC in your Etsy search. (My items total 8 but one item has been sold already so now be looking for 7 items that I have included in the celebration! Thank you!

Etsy Link:


....put OFG spring celebration ,OFGSC, in your search and enjoy!
...now Easter items can be found along with the spring items...means there is more to see! Check it out today!

My Etsy Link:


You will see what I have entered into the celebration in the "featured items at the top of my list"

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