Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cupcake Doll Series has been added to my Etsy Shop!

Good morning everyone! I have some exciting news for you today! What readers here LOVE CUPCAKES? Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a bunch of cupcakes and they didn't end up everywhere we don't want them....I'm not talking crumbs on the couch, all over the kitchen floor, or all over the counter top...but on your hips and thighs! I may just have the answer to this problem! I have purchased a pattern from "Homespun from the Heart" and found the most adorable pattern of cupcake annie dolls and went crazy! I just had to have it and bought it in a epattern. I got right into the pattern and started right off with making my first four dolls. My mind went wild with all the flavors of cupcakes that could be made and quickly started by picking flavors so I would know what color fabric, yarn and felt I would be in need of. I decided on an Andee Candy , Sweet Cherry Pie, Cocoa Fudge, and a Carmel Latte Cupcake and went to get all the supplies I would need to complete these cupcake dolls! What fun I had putting these together and making each one different looking, yet the same, and trying to wait patiently until they were finished to see the end result! I am now adding this as a special section of my Etsy Shoppe and will continue to make other flavors of cupcakes as time goes on! The fun thing is fragranced sprays can be added to each cupcake to enhance the flavors that are chosen. Mine have not been given a fragrance but may look into doing that for the near future! Thank you Homespun from the Heart for creating such a wonderful doll pattern and a very exciting creation idea of starting a doll series carrying this idea! You can see the creator's website by visiting the following link:

Cupcake Doll Creator Site:

Now here are the dolls you will find in my version of the wonderful cupcake dolls and hope you enjoy! If you have any ideas for flavors of cupcakes that you are fond of feel free to leave a comment and let me know what your ideas are! Maybe your ideas will find their way to the drawing board and I will make this doll and add that it was inspired by the person that suggested it so don't forget your name and website you would like to promote so I can give you a plug! Have a fun time...for I had a ball!

Come visit the Cupcake Doll Collection at the following link:

Come back and I'll keep you informed of upcoming flavors that will be making their grand appearance soon in my Etsy Shop!


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

They are adorable Deb!

Amy said...

Sooooo cute! Incredible job Deb. The faces are super fab. I love the embroidery you did. I love all the flavors, as I am a cupcake girl! Best of luck with your new line of cupcake dolls. Why am I so hungry? Tee hee....Amy :)

MommaB said...

very cute dolls...

Primgrl1 said...

I sure love those cupcake dolls. They are sweet enough to eat!! Deb thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit and the awesome comment.