Friday, September 17, 2010

Ok...What is going on with my Business?

Hello everyone! How are you today? It is getting a chill in the air here in Pa and the feel for Fall is definitely here now! I can hardly believe that Sept. is half over!

First of all I would like to thank all of my followers, from facebook to twitter and my devoted readers. My lovely/supportive artistic friends that I have gotten to know through my Ebay and Etsy groups and my wonderful customers during this time of working on "closing" my Etsy shop! I can't thank you enough! I promised that I would explain myself so people will know what is going on and what my plans are for the future.

What prompted me to work on closing my shop in the beginning was the lack of time for creation. Not being able to come out with new items has sent me into a panic and find it nothing short of frustrating that this isn't possible! It has gone on all Spring and Summer and now it is Fall and time seems to be something that I seriously am lacking right now. I thought a break could let me refresh and regroup to come up with new ideas and expand my skills. One skill that I have been wanting to learn was how to make a rag quilt and bags. I thought about this for about a year now ...but need time to work on some projects so that I can study how this is done. I would also like to look into making wall quilts, table runners, placemats and pillows. This is going to take some time to study and then practice this to be able to create things that people would be interested in. To say that I will not be creating any dolls, ornies, lamps or items that I have been known to sell on Etsy I would be fooling myself! I would just wish to get rid of my current inventory and bring in new items. These were skills that I taught myself to do about 10 or more years ago and will never lose my interest or passion to continue this line of art!

To say that I officially will be "closing" my shop in Etsy ....never to return...would be not the actual happening! I plan to take an extended break to get myself together, learn some new skills and hopefully I'll be back with more to offer customers! My banner will stay where it is, my heartings will not be touched and all the information about my shop will not move! I will leave an openning announcement when I get ready to stock my shelves again and reopen. I will also post it here and keep in touch with the people that are interested in what I will have to offer.

Please be patient with me as I take on a new journey! I will make posts here as something interesting happens or ...I've finished a new skill and made something of interest! I will also post it on facebook and twitter. For now I will be keeping up the posts on facebook of new arrivals at the Red Rose Co-op store and keep you informed what is going on there! Keep smiling all and I shall see you again!


Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Hi Deb:) Way to stick to it! Good luck in your new creativity. I'll be watching:)

WillowtreeTreasures said...

Thanks Carol! I've got my patterns, fabric and thread and already to take on this new idea! Just found a pattern from more than a year ago to make a rag quilt so I guess this has been over year now that I've thought about learning this! The only thing is to dig in and try until I get it down. Thank you for making a comment gets me inspired!LOL