Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Etsy Shop is having a Holiday Sale!

Hello readers! There is alot going on here now that I've got two online shops that I'm juggling. The other shop that is going to be celebrating the holidays is Etsy! Starting today, November 17th through November 28th I will be celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday! With the holidays being so busy and today you not only experience it in stores but you see it online as well...I am starting my sales early! Use the code: HOLIDAYFUN when you checkout from my shop on Etsy and get 20% off of your purchase(s). Everyone needs to be given great savings because isn't the holidays expensive enough? You all deserve a break and this is a superb time to take part in all of that! Take a look at the giveaway below. Follow the three requests and there you can enter to win one of the beautiful Christmas ornaments from the company that I am working with on Ebay!

(Maybe that is why I love this time of and two favorite things to get and receive this time of year!) Here is the link to browse my Etsy store and have fun!


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