Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Ebay Store 10% off Sale is in Full Swing!

Good morning readers! We are that much closer to Thanksgiving! It is almost time to sit down to that delicious meal with turkey, potatoes, salads, breads and pumpkin pie! Must be time just goes by more quickly the older you get! I don't know how we even got to looking upon Christmas already! We do have an addition to our family this year. My niece has had her baby, Ada Mae which was supposed to arrive on Thanksgiving but came earlier than we anticipated, and have this little package for our Thanksgiving thanks this year! There is nothing like a little one to bring about the holiday spirit when the holidays have seemed to have lost their magic! I just would like to say...congrats Ashley and Stephen on your new status of mom and dad! This is a particularly wonderful holiday for the both of you!

Well back to what I came here for. I stayed up this morning with my Ebay shop and waited, just as if I was bringing in the New Year, waiting for my Markdown Manager to begin. Sure enough ...at the strike of 5am this morning...the sale signs were posted and all the fixed price items were marked down 10%.(The items that started out at 10% and went off early were the ones that were free shipping and handling and were very low to start with. The rest are staying on for the full time of the Fri-Mon celebration.) What a magical thing it was to see this as it was happening. Frankly, having this being my first time to use this feature I was scared to death something would go wrong. It didn't though and now my Ebay sale has begun and will continue until Nov. 28th. I still haven't had a sale for opening my shop and will plan this some time after the holidays!

Etsy's 20% off sale is in full swing and my ebay 10% off sale has begun and the giveaway is still in the waiting period to see if anyone else would like to win one of the beautiful Christmas ornaments, do the three steps and enter if you so choose.(The winner will be announced Dec. 14th.)
There is alot going on between Times of old creations and Willowtree-Treasures and invite all of you to checkout my shops and look at the ornaments. I hope all of YOU have a wonderful holiday and I'll see you after the holidays!




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Zenith said...

Love the charming tree! It would be perfect in my little girl's room redo coming soon.kids wall decals