Thursday, April 10, 2008

Special friend award!

Hello everyone! I am here today for a very special reason. I was given an award by a dear friend , not to mention the master of great creations....Once in a Blue Moon Primitive's , otherwise known affectionately as Kelly. She is like a second sister to me and has stood by my side during very trying times! We have seen the ins and outs of many situations together and think so much alike our brains could be attached with invisible wires! She is a true inspiration and has taught me so many things about learning my craft that it is truly priceless! She touches the heart of everyone she meets and always has something nice to say to lift a fellow crafter's spirits. She is what you call A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I'm proud to say that I know her! Thank you Kelly for this honor!

Now she has passed the torch onto me I am to pass it onto another that I would like to see get this special award. My pick is Bebe of Off the Beaten Paths Designs! Bebe is a sweet, talented, giving person that would give the shirt off her back , food off her plate or sacrifice her entire day to make sure the people around her are provided for! She never complains and just keeps on giving! She is one person that impresses me as a person that deserves so much credit for making sure others don't go without and the most unselfish person I know! If a heart could be made of gold I believe hers would definitely be worth tens of thousands of dollars! Don't cash it in though Bebe... that is what makes you so special! Although people don't come out and give others the credit they are due...they should for you are what a true, giving, loving, spirit is all about! I for one would like to recognize you for these special gifts that you give the people around you and say thank you so much for being who you are! We need more people in the world that are as talented with their caring nature as you are to make this a better world! Heaven knows that you have made my life better just to know you and you have touched many lives with your kindness! Just know that by nature people do not usually share how special another is until they are to pass this life. I for one want you to know all that you have done for me , and many others, and say how important you are to all of us! You touch our hearts, minds and souls everyday and we all love you very much! Thank you for being such a dear friend!


Kelly~Once in a Blue Moon Primitives said...

Thank you so much for all the kind words. You touched my heart and made me cry. You know how much I love you...


Mary said...


I've tagged you on my blog! Visit to see if you'd like to participate in the latest "meme" going 'round.