Thursday, April 3, 2008

Things for the OPSG site are looking good!

Welcome readers! I have been so busy lately working feverishly to fill Etsy and the Olde Primitive Sisters Online Market with some new items! I just added a primitive cat holding a mouse in both sites and will be working on a little girl with a cow set today! If I'm not doing that I'm working on improving pictures or rewriting descriptions. There is never a moment that there is nothing to do! In between I am writing in my chatrooms and keeping up on the latest news. Who said that "the world of crafting is dull?" I have just recently sold MY first item on this wonderful site and many others have also! We have had a GREAT start and have a fantastic leader that has guided us along our journey with this new site...Bebe Yeary, (Off the Beaten Path owner.) Thank you Bebe for all that you have done to make this such a successful experience! ( I have just added International sales for Etsy and have the instructions on the front page of my shop and repeated in with each item.) The sales have now ended but the prices have returned to their original but remain low so please take time and check them out to start your spring decorating!

In the Ebay news...I have started up with my second business which is selling my husband's Athearn trains under the name of Willowtree-Depot. As usual his business is flourishing and moving right along! I have put so many trains on over the years that I can name the trains in any station ...and usually do! This has been a hobby of Scott's since childhood and remains an interest of his today for train collection and interest in trains themselves. I'm sure that he never would have thought that as an adult he would seek out model trains that he would be busy selling on a forum such as Ebay. He was always so busy trying to find the right spot to build a monsterous trainset in the middle of our livingroom to filling up our garage that he could go and work on and now resorted to making a small strip to check their ablility to work only!LOL I'm sure he enjoys this as much as I do though and probably will have his pick of train engines and cars by the time of retirement ..that he can finally have for his very own!

Just to inform my customers...or any primitive doll customer...that primitive dolls, and such, will be found in the ART category with the subcategory of Primitive/Folk art! I have heard rumors that Primitive is not to be used to be put in our titles due to it being considered spam but need to investigate further the specifics of this situation. I will gladly inform you of such a change should it be the case to make searching for such items less difficult! There has also been a crackdown on feedback and filling out the detailed forums of a sale, ( star system.) Please think carefully before leaving this information because it is grossly effecting the seller's and the after effects it has on their businesses. Also make sure to take time to fillout forms for there is now repercussions for information not coming in on the transactions. If there are any problems that you see as a customer ,with any of our transactions, please contact us for we are doing our very best to provide a very well run business to keep our customers happy and will work very hard to make things right to anyone making a purchase!Digitally delivered items , such as epatterns and templates,will soon not be available on Ebay and you will need to contact the sellers for the sites that they have moved to to provide you such services. This is the most important information that I believe that you as customers need to be aware of and will let you know any further news as it happens!

I will be going out into my new sewing room today to get some work done and will leave you pictures to see how cute it is. It is not a bad size and I keep it warmed up with a small heating unit that hangs from the ceiling. I have it set up with curtains and have all of my dolls and supplies out where they are easily accessible and arranged neatly on shelves! My patterns and supplies are in totes, for the fabric and larger crafting supplies, and in plastic drawers I have the smaller crafting supplies that I use. You can hardly believe that it is located in the garage! I have all the modern conveniences of home with a tv , phone, and a wicker couch set to "take a break"and carpeting. My husband thought of everything before he even started this project! On his side of the garage I have a small refrigerator that my son left us when he moved to Indiana and fill it full of beverages and snacks that need to be kept cold. The best thing that I absolutely LOVE about this room is that I'm off by myself. I usually am in a deep concentration when I am creating and need it very quiet with no interferences! I usually have the tv off and just can hear the heater when it turns on. It is where noone would know I'm there unless the door is open or the sewing machine is working. It is a home away from home and out of the traffic from any stress ...besides what I put on myself! The only thing I'm missing is a bathroom but am close enough to the house that I can travel through the back door and have access to one!LOL
I feel very fortunate to have such a special place I can go to unleash my creativity and be able to get up and leave what messes I have made and not worry that someone will come to the house and see the untidiness because I hadn't had time to clean before they arrived! It was a wonderul social room for my boy while he was going to college and is now a wonderful crafting room for me now that he has moved on. Thankgoodness for the old programs of "Happy Days" that gave us the idea for making a garage into a room when you lack any extra room in your home for such ideas! It certainly has paid off! Also remember to smile it makes the world that much nicer to be in when you do!


becky s. said...

willowtree treasures..
i just love my items the cats from you thank you so much they are adorable great for adding on a package instead of a bow..makes the gift special/

becky shrader

WillowtreeTreasures said...

Becky thank you for your comment! That is a very creative idea! I love little extra touches like that on a gift ..because that in its self is a gift. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you would like more! I will gladly work on more any time you need them! I'll let you know when your next set is ready to send and plan on it being sometime today! Take care! Deb