Saturday, May 24, 2008

There is a GREAT new business in town! Todays Featured business!

Hello everyone! I hope you are seeing nothing but sunshine today! I'm seeing sunshine with a little warmth but it is due to rain for the next few days. Well we won't see anything dying too soon with all the rain we have been getting! Let's just hope that the sunshine comes back after it is done! LOL


I have some news to bring my wonderful readers of my blog and it has to do with a wonderful new website that has just opened up. The owner of this grand new site is Winterberry Creek , or better known as Amy Mosher. Amy is an amazing artist that does multi media altered art projects that are so beautiful to the eye and so right for any pocketbook! Her creations are so romantic and original! They would look lovely in any shabby chic home, given to a family member of beautiful and lovely things, or just hidden away for yourself! Her new business is called," Winterberry Creek.....creative inspiration for romantic living".

Her work is well worth mentioning and even more worth taking a look at by any lover of beautiful things!

You can also find her items by clicking on the following link or copying and pasting it to your search area:

A list of what you will find include many hand painted and multimedia items such a pins, boxes, collages. You dont' know what your missing if you haven't checked her out!

Below is a sampling of her items that can be found on her new website. These are just a few of her multimedia collages that she has made! There are so many more great works of art that can be found. I'm sure you will find something that will catch your eye and your heart!

Another place you can find her items are on Etsy and can get there by going to or copy and paste this link into your search.

Not only is Amy a great artist and designer she is also my sister! I could only wish to have all the talent that she holds in soo many areas! You are a true inspiration! I wish you all the luck in the world with your new adventure your work is absolutely breathtaking! Please don't forget to sign her guest book!

Want to know about Winterberry Creek , her interests and her business check out her blog .... or copy and paste this link into your search.

Looking at these wonderful items will be the best time you have had on the web! ENJOY!

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