Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To Write or Not to Write that is the Question.....

Hello everyone! I am so glad that you have come to visit my blog today! I have a bit of a question for myself and could use some help if another avenue has come my way or if I should refrain from such questions.

As a child I could remember going through my mind what I wanted to do when I became an adult and one idea that came to mind was to become a writer. I was a much more into reading large novels than I am today. I read a lot of the time and wanted to someday write my own novels . Once I became age to go to college and pick a major. I went with elementary teaching and spent a number of years substitute teaching hoping to some day get that full time job. My heart conditions began within my first year of carrying out this job and became a wall to climb to get to my ultimate goal of having my own classroom. My episodes lasted a month at a time with in hospital IV treatment and happened a total of three times during my early years of adulthood and did damage to my heart valve each time! I kept up my dream to pursue teaching by returning to substitute teaching in between the times of experiencing these episodes and continued for a total of 6 years on and off. With my last event of experiencing a heart attack and having my valve changed for a second time I realized that this will never be a dream that I can achieve and have once and for all put it behind me! I then turned to working on starting a business of my own to work from my own schedule. So I went to refinishing furniture and antiquing to Ebay and becoming a seller that specialized in everything and anything. Lastly, I have taken on the craft world and have gotten into primitive and vintage dolls and craft items.

An idea has resurfaced, however, and has to do with looking into writing children's books. People have commented on my blog that I may have an ability that I have not really paid much attention to. By starting this blog I have received a number of comments on my writing ability and being able to give a picturesque explanation using my words to help my readers almost "experience" what they are reading and making my writing engaging. I have to admit that the desire to write has to be an inspirationally driven or simply "the mood needs to be there" with the ideas flowing to be able to do a writing where people come out of the reading with something ...a message....a feeling....a lesson. I have had a few ideas of using my cats as a beginning point and trying this out to see how it goes. Heaven knows I have read my selection of children's books for college classes and with my teaching and always have gone after the books that had a message behind the story to teach a lesson to the children. I always said that I not only taught the basic reading ,writing and arithmetic I also added manners and qualities to have them have plenty experience in being polite, sharing, taking turns, manners at the table, ....just qualities that made the children aware of their place in the classroom and how to treat the people around them with politeness and kindness. I actually wrote a book for a children's literature class and got an A on the project and illustrated the book as well. I found that my creative side is usally while I am asleep but got up to complete this requirement at 1 am in the morning to write it , make a draft and start on the pictures. Let's hope if I do pursue in trying this that I don't sleep through all the REALLY good ideas!LOL



I have some great stories that would engage children that involve my two sweet cats. We used to have my one cat....Tabby...taken to a person to have the knots taken out of his hair. He would have just the two tufts of hair on his feet , head, tail, left on and all the rest of him shaved to no hair at all. (These pictures below are not my cat but is what he looked like with the "lion" cut.)My older cat never knew who he was once he returned from having this done and would take one look and not know who he was. She would hiss and run and hide . When we weren't watching though Friskey would get closer to get a really good look. If she got close enough she would give him a hit and then run for cover! It was always so entertaining to watch! Poor Tabby never knew what the problem was and just would go about his business like nothing was any different!

When my cats were smaller they were always into something. It was like they knew when we were to go somewhere and just would time it just right so they could invade the kitchen cupboards. They would be so cute and cuddily before we would leave and the minute we would come back everything was drug out of the cupboards and closets and we were always having to clean up after them after them following a spree during our absences. One time we left and came back to cabinets open and things strewn across the kitchen floor and there was little Tabby sound asleep in one of the open drawers with his paw holding onto a ball! Friskey was our first cat and could imagine that Tabby taught Friskey everything he knew about house destruction and how to find what you want when you don't know where it is!LOL (This is when pictures could say a million words about these two cats!) Now that they are older they are not as active and we could remove the childproof locks for the kitchen cabinets.

Someday I may just start playing around with these episodes and try a children's book and see if it is a possiblility! You never know.... my next attempt maybe in being and author of my first child's book. I will keep you posted!

Stay smiling and thank you for coming to read my lastest blog today!

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Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

What in the world are you waiting for, girl??????? Go for it!!!!!! If it's in your heart, get it out on paper. I'm holding my breath until I see chapter 1.