Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Dove has joined my Etsy shop for Valentine's Day!

Good morning all! How are all of you doing that have been expecting ALOT of snow? In PA I would have to say that we must have at least 4"-5" out of the 10" that was expected. Unless we get the rest today! I was watching the news and saw all the snow Ohio and other areas have gotten and can't believe all that they have!!!! If you are one in these areas that got alot of snow please be careful going out and remember your boots. Thought it was your mother speaking didn't ya? Seems like the older I get the more of my mother's sayings I hear out of my own mouth! I guess it is a normal reaction when you become a mother...and sometimes even when your not one!!LOL

I wanted to inform you of another item that I just added to my Etsy shop. I have added a Valentine's Day dove. It is a wonderful doll or shelf sitter that would be just beautiful in your home ..or the perfect gift to give someone that you love. Please take some time today and take a look. It is well worth taking a peek at! I hope you enjoy this item as much as I have had making it for you!


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