Monday, January 5, 2009

Are you in the mood for LOVE?

Hello all! How is your 2009 going? Are you remembering to write the year as 2009? This year , so far, so good for me! How are you all doing on your resolutions? If your doing fine...good for you and keep going. If you haven't started yet..there is always time to get going and start your changes. Did you give up? I'm sorry to hear that if that is your case...well maybe later this year or try again next year!

I'm winning half of my resolution and that is to keep my business producing ...but have to admit there is not much happening with the weight loss. At least I'm not gaining anything! I'll keep trying though!

I hope you aren't giving up on me! My son has left, once again, and my husband just went back to work today! I have been working on some new Valentine's Day items and have been picking and grinning , in between all the other things I have had going on lately, and I managed to get two more items up for sale in my Etsy shop. I have a shelf sitter dog angel doll and I got a doxie
angel dog doll finished as well! These are some great items to give the love of your life , especially if they have a connection to dogs! I hope you enjoy them and I will keep working on more items to celebrate this holiday of love to help fill up my shop! Please come in today and take a look!

Primitive Valentine's Day Shelf sitter Dog Doll
Primitive Valentine's Day Angel Doxie Dog Doll
I hope you enjoy your visit! Visit as much as you like and hopefully there will be something there waiting for you that you can't seem to leave there!LOL


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