Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello EBAY!

Welcome readers! Can you believe it is Feb. 3rd already? I'm in total disbelief! I am happy that we are just that much closer to spring weather arriving, however!

I haven't heard that much about what is going on with the "Child's Safety Law yet" I do believe they have put the voting of this potential law off for one year to investigate it further before anything is done. They will then know to whom it is addressing and the specific child geared items that would be affected! Looks like I am safe for now!

I wanted to let you know that I'm back in familiar ground once again and have just posted four items into my Ebay! I have an Easter bunny, a Folk Art Santa, a set of 3 prairie doll ornies, and a Annie Witch Clown doll all up for auction as of right now. I have sooo many items that are not able to fit in my Etsy shop and are duplicates of what is in there already I thought that may be an option for my sales. I started with items I felt comfortable in letting to for a low starting auction price , in case they were not rode up. We all know that is possible! If you find something you'd like to try for give it a try. You very well could be the winner of one of my creations. To see more you'll need to go right into Ebay so it is a suprise!LOL

You can find my items with the other members of my Ebay group A Primitive Gathering of Sister's group and can be found by putting APGS in your search to find the items I have just listed and my fellow members items as well! Please come in and take a look at what I am selling across the internet and I hope that you enjoy! There is a little there from the past few holidays so you can have a choice! See you there!




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TeresaM said...

Oh my gosh!!! These are the cutest little dolls! Nice job!