Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meet a very talented artist that you just have to meet!

Hello everyone! I try to come on and keep you informed of wonderful artists that are in either Etsy or Ebay and have GREAT talent and provide a service like no other. I have personally done business with these people so you can take my word that these people, and shops, are all that I say they are! You won't be sorry to do business with them...I promise!LOL

My son has been asking me to make a dog doll in the likeness of his puggle dog. I have heard so many times, " Mom, if you can make me a dog that looks like Hendrix, that's his dogs name, I will gladly pay you for him." I make dogs, usually doxies and dressed in costume doxies and I have made Scottish terriers and basset hounds. I am able to construct different types of dogs. A dog that has a wrinkled face like a puggle or plain pug dog I have problems figuring that out. I thought it was hopeless.

I have been watching a the work of one gal from my APGS Ebay group and have been very interested in her ability to make wonderful dogs of all shapes and sizes. She knows what she is doing and seemed to have dogs as her passion. Well one day I was looking over the list of items that came from the APGS group and there were three of her creations. Three dog hangers were there....a brown one, a purple one and I think a black one. They were for Valentine's day and all were holding a heart. This girl put herself into her creations. If you have a dog, would like to own a dog or just love animals...in particular DOGS....Bev is the person to see!

I know the passion of dog owners for I have run into them myself. I have been asked to make particular outfits or style of doxies outfits on these dogs and have been making bassets and Scottish terriers for a woman that sells dogs for awhile now! I know how much people love to immortilize their pets as pictures, statues and yes...even dolls! I have seen so many doxies in every outfit from angels to Harley Davidson outfits. Dog owners are passionate about their pets and LOVE to show pictures of them! I just found they are endearing and love to hear their stories!

Back to Bev! Her business name is Heartland-Creations and she can put me to shame with her dog creation abilility. Knowing that my son wanted something made in his dogs likeness I decided to ask Bev to see if she could come up with something. I didn't have the slightest clue how to get started! She told me to send her a picture ,because she hadn't seen a puggle dog before, and then she would study it and get back with me with what she could do. Below is the picture of Hendrix I sent her:

Is your mouth dropping now? I bet so! Can you believe the likeness? I have him now and is like Hendrix is here every time I take him out!LOL

Brandon and Nicole were here this weekend and my mom and dad came over and I showed them this picture. They were so amazed by Bev's talents and everyone wanted one!LOL She got him to a tee in this wonderful creation and I can't thank her enough for taking this project on! I got my invoice on Friday and I got this wonderful creation by Monday! Everything Bev does is professional and done with the utmost care to her customers! I know that I will keep an eye on her work for the future..even though I'm not a dog owner myself! Her work is of the highest quality and her service is always with her customers in mind! I urge any dog lovers out there the check her work and keep your eye on her work for you will get the royal treatment and care when to seek out this artist! She is on the very top of my list and I'm sure she will be on yours too! The information to find out where her creations can be found and her personal information is presented below.
P.S. Bev thanks for signing my guest book! If you look at the pictures in my guest book is another great creation from Bev it is a black dog in a dress! She is another great creation from Bev. Now do yourself a favor and see all the works of art from Heartland-Creations!

Bev Torres
Ebay APGS group (Put APGS In your search on the main page of Ebay)



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