Monday, June 8, 2009

The wedding of the year is just about here!

Good morning all! I am contacting you today because: first of all the special news I have to share, and second an early notice of some days that I won't be around to answer any questions about my items on "The Olde Primitive Sister's Marketplace" website and my Etsy shop items. I will not be here to email any people that should decide to purchase from me during these dates because I will be in Canada attending my son's wedding. I will check any information as soon as I get home and will get back to you A.S.A.P as soon as I'm home again and thank you for your patience while I'm gone. I've decided to keep my Etsy shop open for any hearting that will be done or any convos that can be sent. Here are the dates that I will NOT be available:*** June 26-June 29th***. Please keep record of these dates for your own information! I will send you an email to you when I'm back and ready to carry out any duty that hasn't been carried just put this under your hat when you don't get an immediate response back. Thank you!

My son has been with Nicole for about 7 years. I remember Brandon coming home and saying that he was involved with a foreign exchange student and they have taken a liking to each other and wanted Nicole to come to dinner. We all hit is off so well! Nicole is highly intellegent, goal oriented, and totally focused on being the best she can be. At first I don't know that she knew how she felt about being so far away from home and out of her familiar surroundings, not to mention in a different country. She is a strong gal because she has managed all this time in the U.S. after being born and raised in Canada and having a love of family and missing hers greatly I'm sure she went through alot emotionally that we just couldn't comprehend. They met during their very first day of college and went through 4 years together and then went to Indiana, Pa for Nicole to work on her master's degree while Brandon has taken a teacher's job out of Altoona for an Intermediate unit. He plans to return to school to obtain his masters degree soon while getting better settled where he is or may look for work in a local Elementary, middle school, or highschool for a new job. We are always trying to guess what will happen next in his new and upcoming plans for their futures to expand, deepen and develop now that they are both on their way to starting a career that will last the rest of their lives. The tricky part will to coincide jobs so they both will feel fullfilled leaving them both happy and satisfied that they both end up in jobs , and in a location , that make them both happy!

Nicole's mother is owns a flower shop in Canada and has catered many weddings. The big difference is that this time it will be for one of her daughters! We have repeatedly offered our help to Nicole to fill in the blanks with her mother on the wedding plans but this has been so natural for her...there hasn't been a need at this point to do but sit and wait! We also ran into some problems with planning the rehearsal dinner so we put that issue in the hands of Brandon and Nicole , because they know their favorite restaurants in the area and could more easily work with the owners on any specials for this event. We gave them the money and it worked out like a charm. They made the plans and ordered their meal options and now it is ready to go! Thank goodness for small favors!

This is quite a time for me...with Brandon being my only child! I'll have to remember boxes of tissues! I'm sure tears will flow as I see my son for the first time ,with being the woman in his life that is like a side course. Nicole will be the woman that will take her important role as wife, future mother, companion and the woman of Brandon's affections. They will be a team that will come out of this wonderful joining of hearts, lives and futures! You can see the love and commitment between them and it does my heart good to see such great young people...that have so much going for so happy and beginning their settling down of the fast paced lives they have been living!

Dad and I love you and Nicole. We wish you the happiest of lives! I guess I'll be saying this again on the wedding day but if you should read this just know We are proud of the both of you and your accomplishments and hope that your futures are everything you want them to be, as indviduals, and as a married couple! Love you forever! MOM

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Tins and Treasures said...

This is a beautiful post important for your son and new daughter to hear how much you love and support them. Congratulations to the happy family. Happy Monday ~Natalie