Monday, July 13, 2009

Annies Annies Everywhere ...I'm making so many I just had to share......

Good morning all! I've been busy, busy ,busy with my latest special requests and you won't believe what seems to be the "HOT ITEM" right now.....It is Raggedy Annies! I have had few women from my local area that is just so taken with Annies that she has started a collection that I would just LOVE to see myself. All I know right now is that she has requested two Annies. One is a summer Annie on a swing that would be for her daughter for a Christmas gift, and also an Annie and Andy doll that she wanted for herself. In the meantime another woman that works at the same as the woman #1 heard that I'm making Annies and wanted a Annie of color that would be on a swing for a Christmas gift for her daughter! Just remember for every doll I make...I do two. Only the Annie and Andy set I didn't! I started with my Americana Annie that included two political pillows and a doll pin.I have posted in my Etsy and The Olde Primitive Sister's Marketplace prior to get other requests for this same doll! HELP...that Annies are taking over my garage room! Now here is a visual....

Now picture these three dolls plus their doubles and only one Annie and Andy above. Sizeable dolls aren't they? Well you can imagine finding room for all of them to sit in my sewing room. LOL

Not only have I been working on Annies. I do things in a big way and almost always make extras in case the first sets sell quickly. I also worked on witch doll ornies that I am saving a set for the next celebration for OFG and will post in The Olde Primitive Sister's Marketplace soon! I had only made 12 but when you put them out end to end they almost look like an army of witches!

Well unless I get more requests I guess it is time to work on a couple of black cat and crow shelf sitters. I'll be posting the summer Annie and Annie of color on one of my sites soon too! So be watching!!


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