Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FuzzB ...a new selling forum!

Hello readers! I just wanted to inform you of a new forum to buy and sell handmade items and I just opened up a free shop to try it out! If you are a seller of handmade items...or are a lover or handmade items ...check this place out!As a buyer you don't need to register to buy and to sell you pay one price and that's it! No initial fee and now final value fee. They have alot of different options for how much you are willing to pay and for how long you are interested in keeping your shop. You can even start with a trial "free" shop and list 10 items and see how you do before you make a commitment! Be sure to read the terms and conditions though so you don't start off on the wrong foot!

Blue Fuzzy Slipper

As I have said I have just listed 10 items in a shop with FuzzB under Cloth Doll Artistry and invite you all to checkout my shop: Willowtree Treasures...or open your own store! Do yourself a favor and at least see what they have to offer to see if it may be something you would be interested in! Hope to see you there! (Go to the last element listed on the left hand side of this page and you will see "MY FUZZB Store" click on that and enjoy!)

I've also put my blog on the top 100 sites in FuzzB. Check it out!


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