Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taking Special Orders on Annies, Mammys or Andys on Swings!

Hello all! My husband and I have come across a new way to sell my larger Annie dolls, 22" tall. My husband has an ability to create out of wood and I to sew dolls so we combined talents to come up with a brand new way to market what we do! We have gotten into making Annies, Andys or Mammys, with little doll pins, on swings and have been selling quite a few of them within my local area. Actually, these dolls, and their way to be presented has become a hit! I am now offering to take special orders for anyone that would like to have one of these great combos for their very own. I will be asking $80 for each set sold and will be charging a cost of $9.00 for shipping and handling to be sent to you priority mail.(If you should chose a different way for your item to be sent is will probably would save you some $$$.) I will gladly give you an estimate if you let me know your preferred way of having it sent and zip.) ***This would be for U.S. sales ONLY!***

If you are interested in making a International sale...please contact me for a quote at my email addy. Thank you!

That is a total of $89.00 for ONE doll of your choice: Annie, Mammy OR Andy, a doll pin for the females /none for the male, and a swing to display them on! I have put one on my porch and is just adorable! It could also be displayed indoors and is made to be kept on the swing or taken off. They are made with a pouch on their backs in ensure that a doll that is meant to stay ON the swing won't come off. It will require the stick that is connected to the doll's back being removed from the pouch to take the doll off the swing. You decide how you want your items displayed and it can always be reversed!

Feel free to leave a comment in this post...or better yet email me and let me know what season you would like it dressed in, color of clothes, how many sets you are interested in. My email will be at the end of this message. (I only have a Annie and Mammy that are dressed as the pictures shown here but just would have to make the swings. Allow 2 weeks to complete these and have the ready for send off!) If you would want anything else allow up to 3-4 weeks to complete. I will email you the minute they're finished and will accept Paypal as payment. If you are interest in insurance just let me know and I'll set it in your payment request that I will send to you through paypal!

With any request...please leave a return email so I can contact you back for questions, email addy, home address, preferred form of postal sending and such! Thank you for coming and enjoy! If you need to see more pictures just contact me and don't forget to leave your email so I can send you any pictures you desire!

I can be reached at

Have a Smiling Raggedy Day!

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