Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm the WINNER!

Hello all! I just wanted to show my readers some awesome things that I have won when entering into some GREAT give a ways! I don't have a large habit of entering into blog give a ways because frankly , foolish as I am, I don''t believe that most of the time I have a very large chance of winning and plus I end up feeling pretty guilty that I am getting something that I haven't paid for. These artists work hard on their items...and out of the goodness of their hearts just give them to the name that is picked out of everyone that tries for them! I'm one that feels guilty during holidays because I am in the position to get and give but feel bad for the ones that are not in that would it be any wonder that give a ways bring out the same feelings? I don't know where the guilt came from...I had a very happy childhood..but just know that this has been a feeling that I have gotten every holiday! I guess it is time to work in a soup kitchen during the holidays so that I know that people less fortunate than myself are having a wonderful holiday too!

I am writing this post to tell the creators of the items I HAVE won ,in the few give a ways I have entered, ....thank you! I am such a fortunate person to have won items from two wonderful artists and am here to share with you, my readers, what they are and show you what I did with the both of them. They have added such warmth and beauty to my home and have these two very talented craft experts to thank!

The first winning was from Bev of Heartland Creations. Bev is a dear friend that I met in the Olde Primitive Sister's Group in Ebay! I had asked Bev if she could make a replica of a dog that my boy owns. I sent her pictures of him and wasn't sure if it was even possible to make anything like Hendrix. Brandon has asked me many times to do it...but I just don't have the know how to put a dog like he has together. He has a puggle dog named Hendrix and is our first attempt at trying to be grandparents to something that is living. We call him our grandpuppy and love him as if he were our grandchild!

Bev took about a week and then contacted me back that she would give it a try and sure enough in just a couple weeks she contacted me back and I was just blown out of my chair! If you look a few posts ahead you will see a picture of Hendrix and what she created! IT WAS A DEAD RINGER! I was so happy and when Brandon and Nicole saw what she had made we all were in disbelief of what talent this gal has! I have been keeping my eyes on Bev's work and she has grown even more with her talents...if that is even possible...she was sooo talented before! Her Halloween doll is FANTASTIC and has a drawn on face that is beyond compare! I'm just a fan of ALL of her work!

Well on the Kindred Sisters site I saw a butterfly doll that was up for a give a way and I saw that Bev was the person who made this awesome doll and, since I LOVE everything that Bev does, I thought I'd try my hand at winnning her! I put my name in to be one of the people to be entered into the give a way thinking that I'd never win her but just loved knowing that ...well it was possible.

A few weeks went past and I forgot about this great doll that I put my name in for and sure enough I got a e-message from Bev saying that my name was picked to be the winner of this beautiful butterfly doll! WOW a second creation from one of my favorite doll artists! What luck! I was so excited and felt so honored for this doll was only a dream if it could be hanging in MY home!

The day arrived and the butterfly doll was on my doorstep! The box was all decorated with beautiful drawings and done with care. That was even a creation I never wanted to part with! It was the present before the present! When I opened the box inside was a perfectly done doll that has a round head, perfectly sewn on facial features and a very feminine lacy top , wings and a pretty little skirt. Her shoes were so dainty and framed with eyelash yarn that just added to her whispy, feminine look and feel! You can tell when a person has put their heart and soul into a creation and this is one of just many dolls that Bev and done that with! I LOVE HER and found a great place to hang her. She is in my back livingroom right next to a lamp to keep the focus on her even when it is dark out! She has added love and beauty to that corner of my home and will always just stand and admire her for she is the greatest butterfly gal I will ever own! Plus my good friend Bev put her together and she is one of the most talented crafters I know!

If you want to see more of Bev's work go to her site to see more and while you their take a trip to her blog and read about her work and learn about her and her craft! These two links will get you there:



If it wasn't for the Kindred Sister's I wouldn't be the lucky recipient of this wonderful doll. Thank you Kindred Sister's for picking my name to win this awesome give a way! Visit the Kindred Sister's Gathering Post by going to the following link and read more about them and the other artists that are part of this very talented group!


Here are some pictures of the Butterfly Doll and where she is residing today! You'll see that she is a vision of beauty and adds so much to a place in my home where she is always viewed and admired!

I have just won in my second give a way and am absolutely thrilled with my second win also! This I won from someone that is a fantastic crafter, creator and friend! I have looked at these in Primitive Amish type stores in my area but NEVER thought I would own one! It is called a Primitive Dough bowl, Dough rolling pin holder and adds so much to a home when you are crazy about primitives! Not only did I get my winnings ..she threw in a candle holder as well! Can you believe that? This gals name is Carol and owns the shop Firecracker Kid in Etsy! I got to know about her and her work through the Olde Farmhouse Gathering Team and am quite a fan. She is also one of the members that I wrote a post about in my Monday Featured Shops For OFG! If you look ahead on my posts you will find a post that shows what Carol makes and other items in her shop. Just look for Firecracker Kid!

Carol's work is fantastic! She has made a business that involves her husband's talents along with her own and together they have created a perfect harmony of creation and finished work! Her shop holds other items as well like wall hangings, dolls and stitcheries. You really should go in to her shop today for she is having an unbelievable sale !!HOLIDAY SHOPPING SALE!!

I have one of her Dough Bowl/ Rolling Pin holders and had a choice of colors and accessorized it with a Vintage dough bowl and rolling pin,(ok it is really about 1980's but it works!), and FINALLY found a place that it would look perfect! My kitchen has a theme of roosters and I bought a large wooden bowl with two roosters painted on the front and I am using the this very attractive holder to display this bowl and rolling pin to combine the rooster theme with the rooster bowls I have displayed on a top shelf, the rooster place mats, and the rooster clocks that I have in the room! It is so quaint now and looks like this space was waiting for this great display forever to help bring the primitive look into the mix!(I was a antique dealer a number of years and refurbished old furniture for store sales, myself and for individuals in town and kept many primitive items in the process. There is a primitive shelf in the corner of this room and added a second feeling of antiques along with the roosters!)

Having worked with wood items I could see right away that Carol and her husband have a great talent with all of their wooden items! The wood is so smooth, their finish is flawless and the sturdiness of this item is beyond compare! A little creativity from any of the buyers of their items can make a room complete and add so much to your home decor. I can't even tell you! Wooden bowls and wooden rolling pins can be purchased in Etsy or Ebay. They can be used for combining themes in a room, bring out a theme or just to work on your love for pure primitive! There are so many ideas of what you can put in them and how decorate them! It is fun experimenting and seeing it when it is finished! I was thrilled to see it all together when I had everything on mine! It was the tie to combine all that I wanted for my kitchen...primitives and roosters just like an old fashion kitchen nook!

Isn't the candle holder cute? It has a rusty nail down below to hang those primitiive candles that hang by a rope. One candle to another ...I don't currently have one of those but plan on getting one soon! They have thought of everything to make the most of EVERY primtiive item they make! On top I had a large 22 oz jar candle so it holds a good amount of weight. This also is flawless and is well constructed! I'll be finishing off the look of this item soon and also is being used in my kitchen for an accent piece!

I thought with these winnings I certainly have been won the jackpot! I just love the look of my kitchen with the use of the well designed, awesomely crafted and superbly finished Primitive Dough bowl /Rolling pin holder and candle display! You have helped me create a kitchen that I could have only wished for and am so proud of now! It is amazing how this can change the feel of a room and help it become more welcoming and warm just by adding your items in the right places! Thank you Carol/hubby for your great addition to my home! Here are some pictures of how I have displayed both and plan to accessorize the candle holder soon! It looks great even when there is nothing on it ...but am planning to accessorize it so that it draws more attention! Now this is one of my favorite rooms of my home! I just wish I was a better photographer! It even looks better in person!

Come in to Etsy and see Carol's store and take advantage of her gracious sale! Her items are absolutely done with the utmost care and can add so much to your home. It is quality that you can't get just anywhere! I know....for I am now a new owner of some of her wonderful work and would never steer someone the wrong way when you are about to purchase something from a shop! I give FirecrackerKid Shop all thumbs up a few toes!

Come see her items today and read about her art in her blog!




Alice said...

I love your dining area! The dough bowl and rolling pin look wonderful. I also love the little shelf that goes around the room close to the ceiling. So homey. and congrats!

Carol said...

Deb, you precious lil lady you:) What a sweet and thorough write up on your winnings. The doll is precious and looks really nice hanging on your wall. Now, your kitchen, I love love love! The colors are pretty. I can imagine standing right there and looking at it. I like the style you chose and my bowl rolling pin rack really adds to it nicely. Everything looks wonderful and I'll bet makes you feel real cozy amongst it. Thank you for the awesome post, I really do appreciate it luv:) Carol
p.s. thanks for pluggin' my sale:)

Beverly...Heartland Creations said...

Now you've done it! You made me cry, thank you so much for being such a big sweetheart to me and everyone! How is Hendrix doing? Love the blog look! I have been wanting to tell you about the Kindred Sisters new Selling Blog, please check it out, I hope you join!
PS. Your to cute to be Ugly Angel is still in my kitchen and she says Hi!