Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We Wish You ALL a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

FRISKEY 16 years

TABBY 14 years

Champagne 1 year

Good morning readers! I wanted to take some time today and wish all of you a full, delicious, not to mention happy, Thanksgiving with a a healthy side of holiday blessings topped off with the most delectable helping of family and friends to finish it off!

Thanksgiving is time of reflection, giving and being with the ones we love so much! Most of all it is time to be thankful for all that has special meaning in our lives!
I hope all of you can spend this day as you see fit and doing whatever makes you happy!

My son comes home with is wife today and it made me think of all the things that I am blessed with this Thanksgiving holiday and I would like to share with you some of why this holiday has such special meaning to me this year! Maybe this will inspire you to write your own blessings , and what you are thankful for, and share it with the people you spend this time with it can give this holiday a special touch!

I am blessed for a third chance at life since my last heart surgery!

I am blessed that my son and his wife's marriage are in the final stages of being acknowledged by the U.S. and Canada.

I am thankful for a loving and caring family to spend my special day with.

I am thankful for a giving, unselfish, loving husband that has been with me through thick and thin!

I am thankful for the reduced prices at Wegmans so we can go shopping where there is fresh fruits and veggies!

I am thankful for my devoted online talented friends!

I am thankful for a home, food and clothing...and all the things that make life comfortable and enjoyable!

I am thankful for every smile, hello, or thank you that I get from a stranger.

I am thankful for the hard work of our American troops and the sacrifices they make to keep us all free!

I am thankful for my three cats...Tabby, Friskey and Chammy! They keep me company everyday and keep me feeling needed and loved!

I am thankful that my family is pretty healthy and doing well!

I am thankful for so much ...and can ramble on forever!

If I can wake up, most mornings, and have a smile on my face, feel motivated and inspired, have forgiveness in my heart and patience to deal with anything that may not go right and can give to someone else during my day....I feel that I just about have everything I would have wanted for my life! With the grace of God I have more than I could ever ask for! I hope you feel the same!

May your Thanksgiving have special meaning for you and everything good come your way!

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Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving! I enjoyed reading your Thankful post, we all have been blessed with so much!

Northwindstar said...

What a beautiful post my sweet friend! Sending you and your loved ones a truly wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and pray your blessings continue year through!!
Lex said...

What an inspirational post - it is great to remember all that we are blessed with! I enjoy (and just started following) your blog - and can't wait to try out sojme of your recipies!