Monday, January 18, 2010

New Easter Doll just listed on my Etsy!

Hello everyone! I just listed a new doll set that is to begin my Easter doll kickoff! I have just listed a exteme primitive bunny set that are super for lovers of more than beyond prim! Come in today and take a look. I have now hit 100 items in my shop and there is plenty to look at and many home decorations just waiting to meet your decorating needs! More is to come so keep watching! Hope you enjoy! (Scroll down the posts and hit the giveaways that are being hosted by the OFG team and others. I have a Raggedy Annie and Andy doll Lamp that is up for a giveaway. Check them all out and put your name in. There is nothing like quality work won at one of these wonderful giveaways! Best of luck to you in all of them!)

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Kristina said...

Love the leg of mutton sleeves on the girl bunny!

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