Friday, January 22, 2010

What another obsession?!

Good morning readers! I have been up early and watching the videos of my newest obsession...Adam Lambert! How did I manage to let this young hunk pass my notice up until now. I have seen him on tv and never really knew where he came from. I never truly noticed him until he did an recent interview, and performance, on Oprah. and was immediately taken with this cutting edge performance! When thinking back I remember thinking now there is a odd fellow. ....a true rock and roller for sure! Maybe into heavy metal as far as I knew. His dark hair, makeup , over the top hair style, out of the norm clothing...yet eyes that can't be missed he certainly wasn't something I could get into...or even like. That just goes to say how people, in general, judge others because of their appearance and won't wait around to see what is behind the veil that hides the soul, mind and God's gifts that aren't readily seen.

I watched the Oprah show and was so impressed with this young mans abilities, was intrigued by his look and loved the wisdom Adam had to show about what has happened to him on American Idol and his developing stardom! I certainly missed a good season when he was competing...and sorry to say he came in second once the season came to a close. The hook was his performance of "What do you want from me" from his newest album. His commanded the stage and had a stage presence that was overwhelming! I've been searching for more videos on line and seeing that this, rising star, is someone that has become my newest obsession.I love to listen to his music ...but the magic of Adam is truly in his performance ablilities. Having done a number of onstage musicals Adam is more than just music. Part of expereiencing Adam is to see him in video. His talent goes far beyond a wonderful voice, a totally unique style and his command of the stage he possess! I'm sure as he gets further in his career he will go far and will continue to follow his upcoming albums...and possibly movies. Here is one of his latest songs that is on the new movie 2012...."Time for Miracles."

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Amy said...

Goosebumps! Thanks for starting my day off in a grand way Deb. He is fab. So glad you discovered him. I hadn't seen this video and am so happy you posted it. Would love to see him in concert! Have a great weekend sis! Amy :)

WillowtreeTreasures said...

You're not alone sis! Did you know when the song is over there are two more songs posted below the main page that have two more videos of his...."For your entertainment and "Whaty want from me." The first one is pretty gritty...but I LOVE it!LOL I'll call ya when I find some tickets. I'm now following him on twitter!heheh If he only knew...

Beverly...Heartland Creations said...

Has this guy got a voice or what!
Did you see him sing on Am.Idol the 14th. Wow!