Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Winner of my Annie and Andy Lamp Is.......

Good morning all! How are you all this morning? Finally the day is here to pick the winner of my Annie and Andy lamp giveaway and I wanted to explain my system to you so that anyone that would like to use this system can do so since it can be used over and over and may be need to be modified due to the change of number of participants.

Ok...this is very simple and doesn't take a mad scientist to put together. The supplies needed include a fine tip pen from a pen that will not smudge, a number of earplugs that will represent each person that has signed up for the giveaway, a bowl with a lid, a piece of paper and writing utensil.

1)What you do is make a copy of the list of participants for your giveaway and replace each name with a number in sequence. 1...2....3....and so on.

2)Next you take each earplug and write these numbers on the plug.(I wrote the numbers on both ends.)Each plug will represent that corresponding number/person on your list

3)Once finished place all plugs in a bowl with a lid and have them lay flat inside the bowl.

4) Give a great shake and reach in with a blindfold on ...or with closed eyes and pull out one plug and this is your winner!

This great thing about this method is because the earplugs can be used over and over and just the list will need to be replaced and renumbered for your new giveaways!

All the plugs are the same size and have the same texture so there is NO WAY you can tell who's number goes to what plug until it is checked! I'm sure many of you have thought of this method already ....or may have been doing simular for the giveaways you have already have been having. If you have been doing the name in the hat...well is her another option you may want to consider for a future giveaway!

Now onto the naming of the winner.....I bounced the plugs in there pretty darn good and reached in to find the winning number. When I pulled out the winning plug and read the number I thought I'd get a picture of the winning number and put that with that number/person on my signup list to get a here it is.....the winning number is 9 and Yorkie''s Primitive is the winner of my Andy and Annie Doll Lamp giveaway! Many congatulations to you and I will send you a private message of congrats and to get your information of where to send your prize!

A HUGE thank you goes to all that signed up for this giveaway. I wish I had something for all of you! Don't worry I will have more giveaways as time allows and so keep posted and I hope you all have a fantastic day!


KKL Primitives said...

Congratulations Yorkie's Primitives!!! :)


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...


yorkie's primitives said...

OH MY GOSH!!! When I saw the email, I thought I was reading it wrongl.LOL I can't believe I won!!!!! Thank you so much and my address will be sent shortly. I am so excited, I can't think.LOL Thanks again, Valerie

NancyD said...

Yeah Yorkie! You deserve it! :)

Prim2Pink said...

Congratulations to Yorkie's Primitives!!!!!

How clever are you with that super idea for drawing names??? I might just have to borrow the idea next time I have a giveaway.