Friday, April 16, 2010

Additions and Changes made in my Etsy and FuzzB Shops!

Hello all! I have been so busy the past will getting my slide show on Fuzzb, getting new pictures posted and getting new items listed. I have added my Etsy shop mini widget to my fuzzB social page...along with my networking signup to follow my blog. This shop in general has truly been through an overhaul and more. Now I can begin new items to add to this shop and my Etsy shop as well.The new items I've added here are many and you must go in to see them all! This shop is certainly now growing and plan to continue to add more items as I continue to create so be watching!

In Etsy I have added two new items: an Annie and Andy "Luck of the Irish" doll set. Yup I realize Saint Patricks Day has come and gone...but this set would actually look cute year round out where your visitors can view them. Best of all this set is a set that I created myself there is no set like it anywhere! It is TOTALLY original!

I have also added a set of primitive cats with the eyelids and beautiful hypnotic eyes. Everyone seems to love this set no matter what fabric is used or what style the cats are made in they are always a hit!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing what I've been up to, the changes you will see in both shops, and hear some of the new items that you can expect to see. Along the left side you will see where I can be located...FuzzB and Etsy are listed there. Just click on these and have fun! I hope you enjoy what I have been doing lately and hope to start my first new project next week so be watching! Have a great day!

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