Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The 4th of July has just Opened in My Etsy Shop!

Good morning everyone! I how are you all doing? Hasn't it been just beautiful out lately? It is due to be another very warm/beautiful day here again today but we are expecting cooler weather, 50's, this weekend. If this the case for you too don't fear..the warm weather will return. It is still early yet and there is plenty more "nice" weather to enjoy! Be sure to go out and enjoy what we will be getting, wait until the cool spell passes, and sure enough this great weather will be here to stay! Yippee!

Well I promised I would be back and bring some new items with, white and blue was going to be the theme and sure enough I have just filled my shop again. This time it is with Americana goodies. Uncle Sams with Pinwheels , Patriotic Annies and Frogs, Sun Flower Americana Black Gals, and Annies that are dressed for the upcoming 4th of July Celebration are just some of what I have moved in.

I also listed another Ugly Dream Angel and Cat and Mouse Set that sold a week ago incase you were interested in buying one of these yourself! I ended up just adding to my list of Items in my Etsy shop and hope to get a few more things made for this very special celebration so be watching!

This is where you will see the items first after they have been listed so come back soon and I'll see whatelse I can crank out! Have a great one and hope to see you again soon!


Carol said...

Wow Deb! A lot of firecrackerk babies you got there. Good job! Keep crankin';)

Remember America Gr8 said...

These guys are so cute, too.

Remember America Gr8 said...

I put a couple of your patriotic prims on my political blog. They are so cute!