Thursday, May 13, 2010

Primitive Shabby is the Description of these Spring/Summer Beauties!

Hello everyone! How are all of you? Are you gardening yet? Just about set for summer to arrive? Do you have your porches, fences, outdoor sheds painted? Your flowers ready to go and all ready do your first couple rounds on the mower getting the lawn in shape? How about putting the bark down, adding stone to your driveway, or cleaning the built up mold off your patio? Don't worry I won't pin you on all of these questions. There is still time! We have done a little of everything here and still have much more to go. Our gazebo is up and has all ready had the "breaking in rip". The wind has been horrible and one of the corners broke open . It called for a quick sew and back on the top of the gazebo it went. Hopefully the 50mph ,or more, winds won't be back for awhile! This is an every year job and did a fix up job on our last gazebo and its top was made of canvas! Now when does canvas give into nature and all it has to throw at it? If this is common I guess I've been missing something major about the quality of what you can get today and how much things REALLY cost!

I am here today to tell you of two new additions to my Etsy shop. I have made these little gals because my daughter-in-law's sister is having a baby and she asked if I could make her a doll for her room. Well we all know what I do can't be in a child's hands because of its construction and made sure that Nicole knew this. She was still interested that I try. So I do what I normally do. I make three. Not all turnout exactly the same and there will be at least one that I like better than the other two so I went ahead and made my three.

Actually they all turned out pretty cute and each looks just a little different from the rest. My favorite feature is their wild, windblown, hair. Shake her head and almost any look is possible. Comb it down and she'll look very tame and tailored. I love to give them plenty of layers to get these different looks. I gave them different colored store bought bear, after giving them a touch of life, and snappity-do-day day...never thought you'd hear those words huh?LOL I finished the dolls today. I sent Nicole the picture of the one that I have set aside for her sister and had two left and they have become my latest additions to my Etsy shop. Here are the Shabby girls now:

When you love every style of doll there is, yet my very favorite is primitive, mixing the styles is easy and love the look of them because it is like getting two creations all wrapped up in one! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have making them for Nicole's sister and for you! Go and take a gander and see what you think!


Angie Berry said...

The dolls are adorable! I love their hair also.

There is always so much to do to get the outside ready, isn't there? We have a wooden gazebo that stays out year round and I must say I am thankful. If I had to put up with the canvas ripping, I would say it had to go. Haha! You are much more patient than me my friend. With living in OK, we have lots of those types of winds. I hope yours survives this year!

Jody @ Adorable Country Classics said...

She's Adorable!