Friday, December 10, 2010

Well here I am again and with a New Blog, Address and Etsy Shop!

Good morning all Readers! How are you? Staying warm and safe I hope! Yes...this is me Willowtree Treaures with a new blog look, new address for my blog, and new Etsy shop look and have been busy moving my items into my brand new , and kinda new, sites! My blog banner and my banner/avatar are a creation from Wildenblue Farm Designs and is the most beautiful opening to a shop and blog I have EVER seen! Visit her shop today and see all her creative digital beauties! . Laura has been a wonderful help in getting me started off right with an amazing opening to both and is always so supportive and helpful to get me started again. I can't thank her enough! Thankyou Laura!

The fact that my blog banner is off center is something I may have done when I couldn't get my last banner to take. I changed some of the html in the template and can't remember what I did to get my last banner up. I am currently working on that and hope to find the solution. In the meantime I hope that you love the new look and color choices. It is totally different and I've taken to it in a BIG way! I hope you do too!

For all of the crafters that I had on my site I lost the list when I changed my blog address to: http://timesofoldcreations.blogspot and will try to go through the list of people I'm following....something I didn't lose... and attempt to restore the blogs that I featured on my site. Don't be shy! If you want to be featured here please just ask and I will gladly follow you! It would be my pleasure!

Also to get to my Etsy shop the new address is: .
I was totally lost when I got rid of a lot of sites I had been on and am now just trying to reconnect with some of them! My twitter is now gone and will look into that soon! I still am on facebook and nothing there has changed just so you know!

I have slowly, but surely , have been resetting up my shop and stocking the shelves and am currently having a coupon sale with the code: TOOCS2010 to get 10% off of your purchases upon checkout. Please come and checkout my Etsy changes and feel free to purchase anything with this code to get your savings! In January I will be having another special because it is the month of my birthday and I would love you have you all benefit from that also be watching!

Happy Holidays to all and a very Happy New Year!

My changed Etsy address:

My changed Blog address:

My Facebook address:
The same

Twitter address:
No longer exists


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Love your new look Deb! Best wishes for getting everything in order!!
Merry Christmas :0)

Times of old creations said...

Aaaah found me! Thank you so much for coming and and taking a look! I'm glad that you like the changes and if you will please pass this on to anyone that likes to keep up with what is going on in my business. I'm still working with facebook to change my networked blog address but still am waiting for two people to verify that it is indeed my blog! I've sent out a number of those requests and they are very slowly being verified! Maybe for a Christmas present they will all arrive and that struggle with be overwith! Take care and have a super holiday! Deb

Deborahs Candle Magick said...

love the new look too... just verified that you are who you are...
Looks like everyone is doing some changes. mine will take place after the first of the year.....might get a hold of you for some pointers...have a safe and wonderful holiday season....

Times of old creations said...

Hey Deb thankyou so much! This was the only thing on my Christmas list was for facebook to allow me to change the address to my blog so that I could get people to follow me from the networked blogs that are found there. Thank you for helping me out so much! I would gladly help you make some changes if you like. I just know when you go to change your url it can be a bit of a problem but I thought keeping my willowtree treasure url... but going with my new name would just confuse everyone! I'm glad I went through it now! Have a wonderful holiday!

basketsbyrose said...

Love your new blog, and your Etsy shop.