Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Upcoming Events... Down on the Farm with Olde Farmhouse Gathering!

Primitive Autumn Fall Glittered Celebration Doll

Good morning all! Alot is happening in my OFG Team events and I am here today to give you a short preview! Keep note of the upcoming events for there is alot planned and soo little time to get ready! The first event is called a "Fall Celebration" and will be happening Aug 1st through Oct 30th. The treasury for this particular event will be up during this time and my doll that I have entered is called Autumn and is a cute little gal that is holding a pumpkin. She will be available very soon in my Etsy shop so keep watch! She could be considered the Fall angel and has glittered wings and her pumpkin is also glittered to make them shimmer and shine.

Primitive Halloween Witch Doxie/Dashund Dog Doll

Primitive Halloween Annie"Witchie Poo" the GOOD Witch Doll

The second event is called "Halloween Spook Fest" and is done in the spirit of Halloween. The Treasury for this event will be up for viewing pleasure on Oct 1st through Oct 30th and these two dolls will be available around this time when the treasury is up and available for all to see!
The doxie is dressed up in fall attire but gives the impression of being a witch with her hat and cape and the little Witchie Poo Witch doll is just too cute with her black boots, that have been laced and her adorable attire and that very noticeable ORANGE hair that just makes her the cutest witch around!

(3) Primitive Snowman/Candycane Christmas Bowlfillers
Primive Christmas Holliberri and her mouse with cheese doll

Primitive Chrismas Snowgal and her Raggedy Annie in a bag Doll

The third event is called the "Holiday Celebration" and will involve any items that would fall under Thanksgiving or Christmas as a theme. I have three items that I will have put in the Treasury that will be available for your viewing pleasure starting Oct 1st through Dec. 24th. I will be listing the rest of them later today and will be available at the time of this particular treasury availablity...... for purchase! Now they are for your viewing pleasure and hope you enjoy! Please refer to the dates of the treasuries to get an idea when each item will be up for sale in my Etsy store! Thanks for taking a peek and please come back and see what else is happening with Willowtree Treasures!

Please come in to Etsy and see what I currently have for sale in my shop and if you see something here that catches your eye...keep watch for they will be posted for sale at the times of the treasuries!

Thank you for coming and enjoy your experience! Go to the following link to see the items in my shop!

(What is a treasury? A treasury is a collection of 12 items from different shops that best illustrate a certain "theme" and compliment each other ,in some way, to make it appealing to the people that are doing the viewing. When clicking into the treasury to view the different items you visit each shop. Items that get a number of clicks can bring notice of your shop and possibly create business for the ones that are featured. You can find the treasury by going to the following , group blog, and could be listed on the front page of Etsy!) I'm sure that by putting OFG Fall Celebration, OFG Halloween Spook Fest, or OFG Holiday Celebration in the participating member's titles so that you will be able to see all the items that the members have included in these activities. These can be viewed during the dates listed of the treasuries being listed!




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