Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Good afternoon readers. I have a guilt I have to admit. I am soo far behind on awards and will attempt to get caught up now. First of All Judy of blackberry-ridge has awarded me the honor of getting the " I love your blog award."

Thank you Judy for coming in and reading my blog and feeling that I am a deserving recipient! I appreciate that you have thought of me. To visit Judy's blog please follow the link below and you can read why Judy got this honor also!


A second award I have received from a real sweet gal. Her name is Donna...of DaizyDonna's.com
She has awarded me the following award and I do appreciate it soo much! Donna you are the best and always so encouraging! Thank you!

Please take time and checkout her blog at : http://daizydonnas.blogspot.com/

I think this way the gammit of awards that have come in and thank both of these fine gals for sending them to me! Thank you for including me in such great honors!

Now what I am to do is to honor 7 other people to get these awards and I will do them together. To accept these two great awards.... I love your blog and Primitive excellence award! READY? Here we go. The list are as follows:

1) Kris from PaintedKreations. She is well known for her gingers and painted items in general. She is the most talented artist I have every seen and is sweet to boot. Please visit her blog today!


2) Robyn from Motherlode Toad. She is an extradinary artist and is such a wonderfully sweet person! No one could be any more good hearted than my dear friend Robyn. Please visit her shop in Etsy !


3) Sondra from Whimsystitches Primitives. She is an amazing primitive artist that every item she makes is a work to behold! She has a heart of gold and always has encouraging things to share with the people that know her. You can view her blog by visiting the following link.


4) Doris from IPlayOutsidethebox. She is the most creative person to figure out what all you can do with a box and how it can be decorated. Her heart is pure gold and is one of the many hard workers of the OFG Moderator Team! Please view her blog at the following link.


5) Shirley from Dumplinragamuffin. She is a very talented artist that has the best of patterns and makes the most professional looking dolls ! I truly think alot of her work and she is a sweetheart to boot! Anyone that can make dolls like she does has to have a warm loving part about them. Visit her blog and you will be as crazy about her work as I am!


6) Shannon from Magick Garden Studio. Her items are absolutely wonderful and she is one gal that is just filled to the brim with talent! She is one artist to see if you want a doll that will forever become a heirloom for your family to have for a lifetime! Please visit her blog at the following link.


7) Susie at Yankee Lane Primitives. WoW the items that Susie has for her customers are great! She is one of those multi- talented types, that is a good thing, that everything she puts her mind to is fantastic! I'm sure that anything you see, with her name on it, will make you fall in love with it and to make it your own! Another great, warm hearted gal that has nothing but goodness to give your friends and family! Please visit her blog at the following link:


Ok now I will contact all of these people that I just gave both of the rewards and tell them that they are the new people that have gained this honor with being presented with two awards and to do the same as I have just done.

1)Put a link between you and the person who presented the award(s)
2) Pick out 7 recipients to receive these award(s)
3) Contact your recipients and tell them something special is in your blog for them
4) Let them do the same.

Simple right? Congratulations to all the new people that now hold these new rewards! Feel free to use my pics to save to write about your rewards and have a fun time! All you ladies truly deserved both awards and I hope that this has been quite an honor to get not just one..but two...noteable awards on one special day! Enjoy !


I Play Outside The Box said...

My goodness...you certainly have been a popular lady, looks like.

Congratulations on your awards and I'm humbled to be graced by such a lovely comment from you. Thank you.

I'll try to get my awards sent out as soon as time allows....there are so many OFG members who have fantastic blogs. I certainly need to get caught up on my blog...it is looking quite pittiful I must say.

I've always admired your primitive art...and always look forward to your new creations. Best wishes at Etsy and beyond.


WillowtreeTreasures said...

You're very welcome Doris! You deserve these awards too! Thank you for coming in and commenting...I truly do appreciate you doing that. As you can see I didn't get right on my awards and let them build up. That isn't the best idea!LOL It happens though and whenever you get time is the best time! Enjoy your awards and you deserve them you are also a very talented lady and your blog is great! Congratulations! Deb

WillowtreeTreasures said...
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WhimsyStitches Primitives said...

You are so sweet and your words so kind. You do me a great honor with this wonderful award. You have touched my heart and made my day:)
THANK YOU!!!!! And Congratulations To You Deb!