Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just started a new project!

Good morning everyone! I just wanted to let you know of a new item that I am going to start making and have a set of them on Etsy as we speak. I have a set of dog pins and am planning on doing more types of pins as time allows. I have snowmen, raggedy annie, gingerbreadmen and angels that I'll be putting on as they are made so please keep a watchout for my new additons. I soon will begin making prim wreaths and door greeters also. So keep your eye on my blog and I will have posted here as the materialize and be posted in my selling spots!

Primitive Pooch Dog Clothes Accessory Pin

Primitive Pooch Dog clothes accessory pin and matching pooch dog doll shelf sitter (sold separately)

Please view them today by going to my Etsy shoppe!

Http: www. willowtreetreasures.etsy.com

Thanks for coming today and I hope these bring and smile to your face!

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DaizyDonna said...

Awww the puppies are so cute :) Good job, Good luck with your new ideas!!
Love ya sis :)