Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hurry , Hurry, Hurry Mommy B's Front Porch is having a Give A Way!!!!!

I am soo excited! I just signed up to try for one of Momma B's Front Porch Give-A-ways! If you haven't seen her work you truly should! She is the most amazing painters I have ever seen! Everything she makes is a work of art and would be a pure honor to have anything she makes in your home! She is currently having a give-a-way of a beautiful napkin holder that is the most beautiful piece that I've put my eyes on. Anyone that goes into her blog and makes a comment will be put into the pot of potential winners of this amazing piece of work! You'll fall in love with this napkin holder, just as I have, when you feast your eyes on its beauty. If you post the give-a-way on your blog you get another chance to win and if you can find other places to post this happening you get even another chance! Just inform her of where you are posting and she will give out extra chance to win! I feel this is a VERY generous offer ,and of course, I took full advantage of posting other places to inform others... that truly LOVE handmade items... of this opportunity! Please do yourself a favor and take a look at a beautiful blog, take a look at her other wonderful creations and see her give a way opportunity today! It will be well worth your time and effort to try for this wonderful piece of art! The winner will be chosen June 1st so hurry before this passes you by! I have left her link to allow you to make a speedy travel to her blog to sign up right now and to look at her other art in her Etsy shop I'll drop this information and then get out of your way! LOL Good luck everyone!

MommaBs.FrontPorch Blog/Etsy Links:

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Sue said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...It is never to late to start a healthy lifestyle, just look at me....There are times I fall off but I just get up, dust my self off and start going again...Thanks for the info on the giveaway...I love them...Have won enough stuff that my Christmas shopping is almost done...HA HHA!